Using my photos

Here is the skinny on using my photos. I am happy to allow usage for certain types of applications, like for example good causes maybe helping inner city kids, or curing cancer etc, but if you want to use my photos for commercial use I need to be paid for them. either way you need to contact me to make that happen. Please do the right thing and don’t steal my photos. My photos get lifted and taken without my permission all the time this takes food off my table and I really enjoy eating food and having shelter.

Thank you

Seth Jacobson


  1. carolyn kennedy

    Hi Seth:
    I would like permission for a copy of a picture of my daughter Laura Kennedy who played Lynn in the play. I would use it for facebook and would certainly give you credit for the photo. Thanks for the consideration.
    Carolyn Kennedy

  2. Hi Seth! I love your work Sir! I am having a hard time pinning down the image of Doug at the Holiday Inn? Please send a smoke signal! Cheers, Jeanne

  3. Hi Seth:
    I would like permission for a copy of a picture of towers in theknot wedding website where we will get married there. We admire your picture talents so much!



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