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Gay Marriage Rhode Island, Seth Jacobson


I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of a beautiful couple this week. Keri and Jess got married, and what a day it was! I have long been a proponent of equality (see this post) when it comes to gay marriage, and gay rights. These two beautiful woman brought me as a part of their day and I am so grateful. Thank you for trusting me with your memories!

Gay marriage RI Seth Jacobson Photography

Gay marriage RI
Seth Jacobson Photography


Portrait and Wedding photographer Seth Jacobson: self portraits with phone

My series of self portraits highlighting the disconnect that I see around me from the use of the little magic boxes we all carry with us. I am guilty of this myself from time to time. These images are meant to show me missing out on the beauty around me because I’m looking at my phone. To steal a quote from John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” I do love what my phone allows me to do. Please don’t mistake my intentions, I just need a reminder (as I believe many of us do) to put the phone down sometimes and take in the beauty around us

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

Wedding photos at The Waterman Grill Providence RI

wedding photo at The Waterman Grill Providence RI 


Rhode Island Portrait Photographer Cover of Grace Magazine Behind the Curtain

I photographed Kelsey Kaiser for the Cover of Grace Magazine recently. Here is the cover image and inside spread as well

Grace Magazine Cover shot by Seth Jacobson

Photoshoot for Grace Magazine by Seth Jacobson

This was a fairly complicated photo to produce, with multiple conversations and meetings to discuss the photo with Kelsey and the folks that run the Gym where she practices. From the very 1st time I walked into the Gym which is located in New London CT I saw this image in my head. They have a large Flag on the wall next to the ring in the gym and I knew that was the shot. As some of you might know the only formal training I have in photography was from a class I took in highschool. I was lucky enough to have a great photography teacher that taught me some very important fundamentals for creating beautiful images. One of those lessons that Mr. Z imprinted on me was that a photo starts in your mind’s eye. If you can’t see the image before it’s created then how are you going to make it happen? That vision is very important to making beautiful photos but I am getting off topic here.

SO Here is a few photos showing the place and what it looked like with and without my lights

Grace magazine photoshoot behind the curtain

Grace Magazine photoshoot behind the curtain lighting set up

Grace Magazine photoshoot lighting set up behind the curtain

The main photo was taken on my Nikon D700 ISO 560 with a 50 mm lens set at F/5 and a shutter of 1/125th I wanted to get some of the ambient light of the gym to show up so that we could see the flag behind her but I wanted that to be a little dimmer than her. So I set my exposure for that background first and then added lights to create a dramatic feeling photo.   You can see I had a large Octabox set up high above Kelsey to drop that sweet soft light down on her this is the main light working on her. From behind her I set 2 lights at 45 degrees pointing at the camera crossing her on either side this light you can see on her shoulders and the side of her face. They were all triggered at the same time using Pocket wizards. Also I wiped her down with baby oil to give her skin a little extra shine. Now that it is over and done I am very proud of the portrait.

Here is the finished photo and another that I really liked that didn’t make the magazine

Cover photo for Grace Magazine June 2012 by Seth Jacobson

Boxing Portrait by Seth Jacobson

Beautiful Landscape Photos of Providence Rhode Island

I photographed the Power Plant in Providence Rhode Island this week Here is what I made. I think it is a lovely photo showing off what I have wanted to capture since I moved here in 1995. Sometimes good photographs take their time to come to the surface 🙂

Providence Rhode Island

Wedding Contest Winners at The Garde Theater, New London CT

Congratulations to Kristen and Jason who celebrated their marriage yesterday at The Garde Art Center in New London CT. I was honored to photograph this event that was a wedding give away put on by The Day Newspaper Grand prize was a complete wedding for Kristen and Jason and 50 guests, thrown by The Day! The wedding was held on Sunday, March 25.

It was quite a lovely day with a lot of people putting in a lot of hard work that all ended up  FABULOUS ! I am super happy to have been a part of this event that was donated my some very generous people!

Wedding photo at The Garde Theater New London

The prize package included:

* Hair and beauty for the bride provided by Bella vita Salon
* Ceremony and reception location provided by the Garde Arts Center
* Catering by Coastal Gourmet
* Photography by Seth Jacobson Photography
* Rings provided by Mallove’s Jewelers
* Entertainment by Pierce Productions
* Cake provided by You Take the Cake
* Linens and place settings provided by Arrow Party Rental
* Videography by Marsal Studios
* Dress provided by Pentangle Fashion Boutique
* Tuxedo by Colin’s Tux Shop

*Flowers by Adam’s Garden of Eden

How to create a beautiful wedding portrait

Here is a beautiful portrait RIGHT out of my camera. NO adjustments at all on the test shot or the final version.

I saw a big window with some nice afternoon/evening light coming through but the curtains were big and unmoving so I had Kevin the Groom step in as my assistant and hold the curtains back. then I took a test shot to see what it looked like

beautiful light but WAY dark on one side so I had Stacey my assistant come in with a reflector and bounce a little light just off camera to my right and fill in that other side here are two photos from my iPhone showing the set up.

My settings on the final shot were ISO 250, Aperature 2.8, Shutter 1/50th

and again this is straight out of my camera

Manya’s Batmitzfah

Manya is one of those kids that some how manages to stay a kid and keep a child like fun and playfulness but is able to relate to adults and has an incredible composure about her. She has a lightness and strength that is imediately recocnizable. It was my true honor to Photograph her Batmitzfah!

The Temple Emanuel was AMAZING! What a beautiful place. Here is their website

The Federal Reserve was not only beautiful but well run and professional. A pleasure to work there! Here is their website

F Mike Henriques from Montage Media did the videography Website here

Music Mixers was the DJ yet another home run! Website here

There was also some extra cool stuff A Magician Stephen Christopher put on a great show for the kids! Website here

Silhouette artist Deborah O’Connor made custom Silhouettes for anyone that wanted them. HOW COOL!!! Website here

, and this company that made custom made photo flip books to take home Creative event services all around a great event! Website here

Oh yea and The Mayor of Providence David Cicilline showed up and declared it officially Mayna Glassman day in Providence RI!!!

Kevin and Tara at The Atlantic Beach Club