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Portrait of Rick Maguire Master Guitar Maker

Rick Maguire

This is master craftsman Rick Maguire. For nearly three decades, Rick has been hand-crafting stringed instruments. Since the creation of each stringed instrument is a labor-intensive endeavor, Rick offers only the finest tonewoods for production and customization. 

Also he is a wonderful man. 
Check out his website here

Portrait of Cooper Woodring

Cooper Woodring

This is Cooper Woodring, I spent hours talking with Cooper about life and the creative process, he is a surprisingly open and thoughtful man. He talked with me about the fact that his lungs are failing to work properly and has placed himself on hospice. I was moved by the straightforward and unflinching way he is approaching his death. I can only hope to address my own death with a fraction of the grace that he possesses. 
He spent a majority of his career as manager of product design and new product development for $20 billion per year JCPenney Company in New York City.

He also: • received an appointment from President Ronald Reagan to head the United States Information Agency’s Cultural Exchange Mission, “Design in America,” behind the then-Iron Curtain; • became the first industrial designer to address The Conference Board, the prestigious Fortune 500 organization; • served two terms as mayor of his then-hometown of Plandome, NY; • has testified before the US Congress on The Industrial Design Innovation and Technology Act (HR1790 & S791); • is represented in New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s Permanent Collection and in Washington, DC’s Smithsonian Museum; • was the design expert that Apple brought in to testify on their behalf in the famous lawsuit against samsung regarding the design of the iPhone (they won) #portrait#nikonnofilter#godoxad600

Portrait of Al Di Meola

What an incredible honor to meet and photograph the amazing virtuoso Al Di Meola He put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. Just another Friday night in Hartford…

Visit Al’s website here 

Al Di Meola
Al Di Meola

100 years old and still voting!

This gorgeous woman is Anna Vieira Cabral Spencer. Anna was born October 14th 1918 making her 100 years old today. Her mother said that she came to stop WWI because the war ended less than a month after she was born. What an incredible honor to meet and photograph this intelligent, fierce and beautiful woman that has seen so much life.

Keep in mind this insane fact.

-The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. It was adopted on August 18, 1920. This means she is older than true democracy in our nation.

Of course she voted last Tuesday.
Anna Cabral at 100 years old
Thank you Anna and Len Cabral for welcoming me into your home.


Musical Portrait of John Fuzek

John Fuzek is a musician and of of the most dedicated supporters of the Rhode Island music scene that I have ever met. We had a lot of fun making this portrait!


Jesse Pugh for Narragansett Town Council

This my friend Jesse Pugh with his family. Jesse is running for Narragansett Town Council. I fully and whole heartedly support him in this endeavor. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the most vulnerable around them, and Jesse is a thoughtful kind and intellectual person. Over the years, seeing him with his kids showed me a lot about the good character of a man he is. I am sure he will make an excellent Town Council member.

His website is located here!

Please share this image around to help his campaign!_SAJ5717

Portrait Photography Bruce Decker

This is my friend Bruce Decker, he is an amazing artisan that works in many capacities. He creates beauty everywhere he goes, and I admire and respect the way he is making the world a better place. _SAJ7055_SAJ7065

Dweezil Zappa Band Portraits in Providence RI

I have been fortunate enough to create some relationships with in my opinion the best band in the world. These musicians are absolute beasts. Thank you Scheila, Ryan, Chris and Cian for your time and for another ass kicking show in Providence this week. You can catch the rest of the tour here is a link to the remaining shows



We Are The People/ Gender Reveal

Please share this photo and help me spread this story around, I believe it needs to be told to as many people as possible

This is the 5th in a series I am calling “We Are The People”. I am looking for other compelling stories if you know someone who’s story needs to be told, get in touch with me.We Are The People/ Gender Reveal

This is Apollo, he’s a 17 year old young man living in Providence RI. He attends Classical High School and is a talented artist. Apollo was assigned female at birth and transitioned roughly a year ago. There is a lot of fear and misinformation about transgender people, so I was particularly interested in making this portrait of Apollo to hopefully help move these views in a more positive direction.

What I was struck by when I first met Apollo was his strong and confident personality. I like any person that is authentically them self, especially in the face of adversity, but coming from a teenage boy it’s striking. We talked about how gender focused our society is. In many cases, including his, using the wrong pronouns or refusing to use chosen names cause pain.

We wanted this image to be a little playful by making fun of gender reveals…

Sometimes who we truly are isn’t immediately revealed.


The Science of Alternative Facts

This is the 4th in a series I am calling “We Are The People”. I am looking for other compelling stories if you know someone who’s story needs to be told, get in touch with me here or on messenger.

April fools day seems like perfect timing to reveal this portrait of Paul. He is a scientist  and describes himself as a conservative. Paul is the Dean of the College of Pharmacy at URI. He told me that he loves science becaue “The goal of good science is to find the truth. At the end of the day, you can believe the truth or not believe. But its still the truth.
Sometimes the truth is “unvarnished”, it may not be pretty or convenient or support someone’s point of view. But again its still the truth.
A good scientist removes their biases from the scientific process. Some of the most fulfilling experiments end with “Well, thats not what I expected!”


We Are The People/ Little Girl Portrait

Please share this photo and help me spread this story around. I beleive it needs to be told to as many people as possible

This is the 3rd in a series I am calling “We Are The People”. I am looking for other compelling stories if you know someone who’s story needs to be told, get in touch with me here or on messenger.

This is a real photo of a girl and her Mom.  #ShePersisted Leila is 10 years old and was adopted from Kazakhstan, a predominantly muslim country located in Central Asia which is from the former Soviet republic. She told her mom last week “The president likes you but he doesn’t like me”

Kids always look to their parents as a vision of what their lives will be like down the road. What this girls sees for herself right now because of the current political climate is disjointed, jagged and painful. I hold out hope that she will have a bright future free from prejudice about the color of her skin.


We Are The People/Muslim Woman


We are the people by Seth Jacobson

Please share this photo and help make it go viral

This is my homage to Shephard Fairey’s iconic protest image and the 2nd in a series I am calling “We Are The People”. I am looking for other compelling stories if you know someone who’s story needs to be told, get in touch with me here or on messenger. This is a real photo of a real woman and her name is Nada.  #ShePersisted

Nada is a smart, hard-working and kind Muslim woman.

She is earning her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at URI and plans to graduate next May. She was born in Egypt where her father is a dentist and her mother is a stay-at-home mom of four.

She loves kickboxing and describes herself as a nerd. She chose to begin wearing her headscarf at the age of 12, a decision that has great meaning for her and her family.

She fears this new administration will build obstacles to her improbable dream of a life in the US that she cannot overcome. It is my sincere hope that she is able to live out her dream and serve the American people as a pharmacist. It would be a sad and unnecessary loss if she ends up being forced out.


We Are The People/behind the curtain

I created this portrait with a 4 light set up. I placed 3 lights bare bulb: 2 pointed at 45 degree angles toward the camera and one placed really low to the ground behind Emily and pointed up at the flag in the center. The fourth light was shot though a small octa box onto her face. We placed the 8’x 12′ flag behind her outside in the snow storm attached to my tripod backdrop holder. The settings on my camera were ISO 64- shutter 200th- aperture 5.6 and my lens was an 85 mm Nikon lens.



We Are The People/Mexico sends it’s best

Please share this #ShePersisted

Like so many other people I am angered and embarrassed about what is happening to my beautiful country by the current political administration. While I don’t have any real power to change their draconian policies, I still think that we need to do what we can. What I can do is take photos. And there are so many stories out there of good people doing good things and I want to use my abilities as a photographer to tell those stories. This is the 1st photo of the series I am calling “We are the People”

This is my proud, strong and defiant stepdaughter Emily.

She is half Mexican and all American.

Her father immigrated here at the age of 26 with the dream of creating a new life and serving as a medical doctor. Currently this is the life he lives and has saved more American lives and returned more loved ones home, against the odds, to their American families than can be counted.

Mexico sends its best.



Portrait about Grief

I have been thinking a lot about grief and how it effects us all. As an artist I have the need to express myself through photos. I am attempting to make something to speak to the process of grieving.

Grief feels like this to me. When the world starts to unravel around us, when it seems surreal that everything keeps going on despite our pain, as if everything is normal, when it seems that nothing will ever be the same for us again. We experience grief at different times and for different reasons, but that initial shock is universal.

This is the 1st in a series of 3 images. The other images are yet to be created, but are on their waysaj_1578-a2


Scheila Gonzalez and Ryan Brown from Zappa Plays Zappa Portraits by Seth Jacobson

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