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Portrait and Wedding photographer Seth Jacobson: self portraits with phone

My series of self portraits highlighting the disconnect that I see around me from the use of the little magic boxes we all carry with us. I am guilty of this myself from time to time. These images are meant to show me missing out on the beauty around me because I’m looking at my phone. To steal a quote from John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” I do love what my phone allows me to do. Please don’t mistake my intentions, I just need a reminder (as I believe many of us do) to put the phone down sometimes and take in the beauty around us

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

A few from this past year

Here are a few wedding, portrait and client photos from this past year in Rhode Island. It was a great year for photography! I grew as a photographer and got to know some wonderful people along the way!!!


Happy New year!!!

Here is hoping that you have a happy and productive 2011!!!

Can you find me in the 2nd photo? Yes I am there…

Karen and Phil wedding at the Towers in Narragansett

It was a very stormy day for Karen and Phil on their wedding day in Narragansett. But while the skies were dark the spirits were bright! And despite the weather we had a wonderful day and this beautiful couple ended the day as a married couple! The wedding ceremony was supposed to take place outside but that soon became clear that it simply wasn’t an option…

But we adjusted and moved it inside the Towers, no problem. It was a great day hosted at the Towers in Narragansett RI

here is their website

The Flowers were by Weedweavers from Wakefield RI Beautiful as always Elaine!

Here is their website

Catering by Westbay Gourmet who ran the day  flawlessly under difficult circumstances. Great job KC!

Here is their website

The music and entertainment was done by Jason from Music mixers and he never fails to get them up and dancing another slam dunk!!!

Here is their website

And here is a preview of some of the photos! Hope you like them as much as I do!!!

Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett

I just had a wonderful Lobster sandwich from Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett! If you don’t know about Aunt Carrie’s then you obviously aren’t a Rhode Islander…

Here is their website

The folks down there asked me to make a few post cards of some of my Rhode Island Images and put up some photos as well. I was very excited and honored to do this. I just dropped off a beautiful photo of the Towers in Narragansett and am making another of the Newport Bridge as we speak. Here is the photo I put up, go down to the New Aunt Carries Icecream shop and see it there!

Beth and Mike wedding photos

Marcia and Tom wedding at the Towers

I had the distinct honor of photographing a wedding on Sunday at the Towers in Narragansett Rhode Island. Marcia and Tom are a lovely couple that I met a couple of years ago when I photographed Tom’s brother being inducted into the marine corps. Since then I photographed a family portrait for them as well. As what happens often for me when I spend time with families at these wonderful junctures in their lives I feel so connected to them, and their well-being. We originally had this wedding set for Oct. when Tom’s brother Tim was ordered to go to Afghanistan in July. So we moved the wedding ahead in order for him to attend. (side note: please be safe and come home quickly Tim)

Lynda Williams from Formal hair design did all the lady’s hair. Here is her website. Don’t they look great! Wonderful job!

Joy from Flower Thyme did the flowers and as always did a fantastic job!!! Beautiful!!! Here is their website

The event happened at the Towers in Narragansett. My favorite place in Rhode Island. Here is their website

Pranzi was the Caterer, the food was wonderful! Thanks for feeding us so well Here is their website

Donna from Make over artistry did the make up for the lady’s simply beautiful! Here is her website

All around a Great Day! Thank you to Tom and Marcia for being so wonderful and having me as your photographer!!!

Tara and Kevin Wedding photos in Newport RI

When I tell you that Tara and Kevin had a great wedding day, I am completely underselling it. This turned out to be one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been to. Why? While I know it sounds cheesy, it was because of the love, the true, deep, powerful love that Tara and Kevin have for each other… In addition to that they both planned very well, brought the right people on board to make it happen, and when the day of the wedding arrived they let loose and had a great time.

The wedding happened at The Atlantic Beach Club you can view their website here what a beautiful place! well organized and professional staff. Everything went off just right!

Golden gate studio’s did the flowers view their website here and the flowers were amazing!

Kristin Butterfield Green did the make up for the bride, and she looked AMAZING here is her website!

Nancy Palino and the Black Tie Band Provided the music visit their website  here What a great band!!! You know the music is good when it is midnight and the band plays their last song and the dance floor is packed…

Kevin and Tara decided to do their “formals” before the wedding so we set up a place for them to see each other for the first time alone and I can’t tell you how moved I was by those moments. Kevin was crying, Tara was crying, (I was crying) Later on in the night after the ceremony Both the Bride and the Groom had surprises planned for each other. The groom is Irish and so the bride had Irish step dancers come and perform for everyone. WHAT A SHOW!!!  At the end of the night the groom had an icecream truck come as a surprise to the bride. The bride and groom ended the night in the truck, serving icecream to their guests and anyone who happened to be walking by. What a lovely way to end the night. With a gesture of service to all their loved ones! OK I will stop gushing now Enjoy the photos!!!

Cystic Fibrosis Portrait’s

A wonderful event that I was proud to be a part of. Here are the photos from that wonderful day!

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov 29th

Taken in fabulous Pawtuxet Village RI the birth place of American independance. Sunset


Portrait session of Bill and Mary

Bill and Mary are a wonderful couple that live on Cape Cod. We dis these photos in Sandwich near their home. One of the best things about working with them is the awesome cooking that Mary does, I am sure that I have gained weight because of all the meals she has cooked for me while we have been working together …

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 23rd

So I took these two photos in Belmont Market place in Wakefield RI (a very good market by the way) and while I was taking the them the guy behind the counter came up and told me that I couldn’t take photos of the Lobsters…?!!! ? Crazy ha? I obviously didn’t listen to him. I have been taking photos for a long time and have had a few people over the years give me a hard time about photos and it always surprises me. I had a police officer pull me over and question me about photographing the Newport Bridge once … Anyway… Which one do you like more?