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Rhode Island Wedding Photographer Seth Jacobson at The Hyatt Newport RI

Stephanie and Nick got married at the Hyatt in Newport RI earlier this year this is a small showcase from their beautiful wedding!

Portrait and Wedding photographer Seth Jacobson: self portraits with phone

My series of self portraits highlighting the disconnect that I see around me from the use of the little magic boxes we all carry with us. I am guilty of this myself from time to time. These images are meant to show me missing out on the beauty around me because I’m looking at my phone. To steal a quote from John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” I do love what my phone allows me to do. Please don’t mistake my intentions, I just need a reminder (as I believe many of us do) to put the phone down sometimes and take in the beauty around us

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Castle Hill By Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Mount Hope Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

Trinity Church Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Old Lyme Inn by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Chanler Newport RI by Seth Jacobson Photography

Taste of The Towers In Narragansett: Wedding Photographer Seth Jacobson

The Towers in Narragansett in Hosted their annual event “Taste of the Towers” featuring the regions best catering companies preparing food and drinks for all to enjoy. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. I make sure to arrive hungry and they didn’t let me down! I was wowed by some incredible food, thank you for all the great tasting, finger licking delectables!

Here is a list of some of the great companies represented  with links to their websites

West Bay Gourmet

Coastal Gourmet 

Blackstone Catering

Decadent Catering

Cozy Catering

The Shelter Harbor Inn

The Meadowbrook Inn

Simply Devine

Wildwood Catering

Parnzi Catering

The Matunuck Oyster Bar

Ripe Hospitality

Tom’s market

Glorious Affairs

The West Valley Inn

McGrath Clambakes

Photoshopping behind the scenes

I get asked all the time what amount of photoshopping I do to my images and the truth is not very much. Most of the time I prefer to do my work before hand using good composition, good lighting, and just generally get the fundamentals of photography “right” in camera. But sometimes I do take extra time and really tweak and tweeze a photo in the computer to push it to another level. Also let me be clear I have NO problem AT ALL with using the computer to enhance, change or manipulate a photo. There is an erroneous idea out there that with the invention of Photoshop so came the invention of the manipulated image. This is simply NOT SO. Here two examples of people using the dark room, airbrushing, and other techniques to manipulate enhance or just change an image…

The great master Jerry Uelsmann

And Joseph Stalin not only wiped people out with guns, but in photos too…

But I am getting a little off topic here, I love the computer and Photoshop, and have no problem using them to execute my vision of what a photograph should look like. Maybe on another day I will spend some time writing about this and going into in with more detail, but for now I want to show you what I have done with this image of a beautiful woman who I photographed this week. This 1st shot is straight out of the camera no changes at all to the image. Pretty good ha?

This 2nd version has been adjusted in Adobe Lighroom 3

I added just a tiny bit of green and yellow to the white balance of the photo, removed the mole from her chest and brightened the shadow on her face just a little. It’s getting better…

This finished version was exported into Adobe Photoshop CS5 and changed a little more there.

I added a little more yellow to the photo softened just a tiny bit, and cleaned up the stray hairs on her head, and last softened the shadow on her chest. So this is my vision of what this photo should look like as realized by the computer. I hope this helps illustrate to those of you who are interested what can happen behind the scenes on an image. As I said at the beginning of this post, I mostly don’t do this much work on my photos. Because there is something to be said for a more “natural” look. But sometimes I feel the desire to push an image to that next level…

A few from this past year

Here are a few wedding, portrait and client photos from this past year in Rhode Island. It was a great year for photography! I grew as a photographer and got to know some wonderful people along the way!!!


Mike and Elisa

Mike and Elisa are a couple that just feels good when you meet them. You know what I mean. I am aware of the marriage stats and they aren’t good… But I have no worries when it comes to Mike and Elisa they are in love and it shows! We have been meeting for over a year now and now that the wedding has come and gone in a funny way I am a little sad because now it’s over. But I plan on being in their life for a long time to come, I hope! Mike is actually a great photographer himself and you can see his photos here I have had such a fun time talking shop with Mike every time we get together we “geek out” and put poor Elisa to sleep chatting about Photoshop/lightroom and apertures/shutter speed type stuff… Anyway we had the wedding yesterday at Aster’s Beechwood Mansion in Newport RI, and what an amazing day we had!!!

Ferns and Flowers provided the over the top beautiful flowers  here is their website

Blackstone Caterers provided the food and as always very nice! Here is their website

Nancy Palino and the Black Tie band ROCKED the house I LOVE them!!! Here is their website

Beth and Mike wedding photos

Tara and Kevin Wedding photos in Newport RI

When I tell you that Tara and Kevin had a great wedding day, I am completely underselling it. This turned out to be one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been to. Why? While I know it sounds cheesy, it was because of the love, the true, deep, powerful love that Tara and Kevin have for each other… In addition to that they both planned very well, brought the right people on board to make it happen, and when the day of the wedding arrived they let loose and had a great time.

The wedding happened at The Atlantic Beach Club you can view their website here what a beautiful place! well organized and professional staff. Everything went off just right!

Golden gate studio’s did the flowers view their website here and the flowers were amazing!

Kristin Butterfield Green did the make up for the bride, and she looked AMAZING here is her website!

Nancy Palino and the Black Tie Band Provided the music visit their website  here What a great band!!! You know the music is good when it is midnight and the band plays their last song and the dance floor is packed…

Kevin and Tara decided to do their “formals” before the wedding so we set up a place for them to see each other for the first time alone and I can’t tell you how moved I was by those moments. Kevin was crying, Tara was crying, (I was crying) Later on in the night after the ceremony Both the Bride and the Groom had surprises planned for each other. The groom is Irish and so the bride had Irish step dancers come and perform for everyone. WHAT A SHOW!!!  At the end of the night the groom had an icecream truck come as a surprise to the bride. The bride and groom ended the night in the truck, serving icecream to their guests and anyone who happened to be walking by. What a lovely way to end the night. With a gesture of service to all their loved ones! OK I will stop gushing now Enjoy the photos!!!