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Portrait behind the curtain

This portrait was taken in a hallway right next to the bathroom (really) see set up shot #2 It was taken on my Nikon D2x 100 ISO 50mm lens 1/125th shutter Aperature F 2.2 I had a large window on my left and dry eraser board on my right bouncing a little light back at him. I am super happy with the results! It looks like a studio lighting set up don’t you think?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 29th

My ridiculous friend Whit set this up on his porch and I have no idea why… But it is pretty funny no?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 28th

Who doesn’t love a wide angle mirror?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 25th

A little make up going on before the show. This little lady did a wonderful performance as an Egyptian king, this was the prep before hand.

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 23rd

So I took these two photos in Belmont Market place in Wakefield RI (a very good market by the way) and while I was taking the them the guy behind the counter came up and told me that I couldn’t take photos of the Lobsters…?!!! ? Crazy ha? I obviously didn’t listen to him. I have been taking photos for a long time and have had a few people over the years give me a hard time about photos and it always surprises me. I had a police officer pull me over and question me about photographing the Newport Bridge once … Anyway… Which one do you like more?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 20th

Not much to say about this
Photo, I found this boy living in the woods near my home, he had been raised by a pack of wild Lammas…

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