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Kathleen and Pablo at South County Museum

Kathleen and Pablo got married at the South County Museum recently and I had the good fortune of being the photographer. I loved working with them and their families on this unbelievably hot day. Although I did have a small crisis with my car. I went to Kathleen’s parents home in Jamestown to photograph her getting ready. That all went off without a hitch. But when I got in my car to follow the Limo to the Ceremony my ignition switch broke and I couldn’t start my car. Apparently there are little moving parts in your ignition that can break down over time. I just about had a heart attack! Luckily I was working with Kelly Meyer who is an awesome photographer and she was already at the church, and luckily a friend of mine was able to drop everything and drive over and let me use a car for the day. TOTAL life saver… I only ended up missing  about 45 seconds of the ceremony. Kathleen was still walking down the aisle when I arrived! Phew…

The rest of the day was Amazing! Kathleen and Pablo are a lovely couple! What struck me from the very first time I met them was how affectionate and loving Pablo is to Kathleen. He is constantly reaching out to hold her hand and brush the hair out of her eyes etc… They are obviously filled with love for each other and that is SO NICE to be around.

Coastal Gourmet was provided the food and it was GREAT!  Here is their website

Moondance productions provided the music and everyone was dancing!!! Here is their website

I was the photographer and here is my website 🙂 LOL

The event happened at the South County Museum and Here is their website

Beth and Mike wedding photos