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When life comes at you

I have been feeling the weight of life coming down on me lately. This wonderful quote from Leonard Cohen helps keep things in perspective

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Water and Stone

I had a hard day yesterday. They come and hit all of us some times right? We all have our fair share of these days. I went down to the Ocean and watched the cold, cold water run up and over the rocks, and then slide¬†back down the slope of the shore line and clich√© as it is, this wonderful rocking was so comforting to me. I looked at these perfect soft looking round stones and was touched by the constancy of their battle against the elements. It is exactly this struggle that has formed these beautiful shore line. Without this battering that these rocks have been getting for the past 30,000,000 years or so it wouldn’t look nearly as soft or refined. So I am hoping that with the battering that life has been giving me, that I will get a little softer around my edges, and a little more refined in the way I engage the world. Here’s to hoping!


Click on this beautiful photo to really see it at it’s best!

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