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The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

I woke up this morning in San Francisco, and snuck out of bed in the dark. Luckily we had amazing light today. Here are a couple photos I created of The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Newport Bridge

The beautiful Newport Bridge! Taken on a foggy day just after the sun dropped over the horizon. Taken on my 70-200 mm  VR lens. Set on a tripod just to make sure it was sharp. Taken at shutter 60th F-stop 2.8 ISO 640 on my D700

the newport bridge by Seth Jacobson

Beth and Mike wedding photos

Cystic Fibrosis Portrait’s

A wonderful event that I was proud to be a part of. Here are the photos from that wonderful day!

Behind a Portrait Session

Here is a recent portrait I did. I am very happy with what we got! Yes that swan was really there… Here is how we got the photo. Linda and her son were were near the edge of the water. The boy was sitting on a stool Mom standing behind him. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon on this mid April very cloudy day. The sun was coming from up high and behind them, but very diffused because of the heavy cloud cover. I had a light set about 6 feet away from them about 6 feet in the air off to their left and just a bit in front of them. The light was going through an umbrella. See the diagram I made. Sorry about the terrible drawing…

iPhone photography April 17th

Another sunrise in Saunderstown! Note the birds swimming in the foreground.

iPhone photography April 7th

The stream behind my home here in scenic Saunderstown Rhode Island

iPhone photography April 6th

This is a reflection in a waterfall. So beautiful !!!

iPhone photography April 2nd

Beaver lake in Asheville North Carolina

iPhone photography

iPhone photography

Ripples in clear water… Has a nice ring to it ha?

Big Storm, Big Waves, Big Fun!!!

A big storm hit Rhode Island last week and it whipped up the Ocean into a frenzy, here are a couple of photo I took down at Narragansett Beach.

iPhone photography

After the rain…

iPhone photography

The Ocean doesn’t want me today…

iPhone photography

Click on the photo and look close, you can just see the airplane. I love this photo! And Yep it was taken on my phone

Providence at night

After finishing up a portrait in Providnce I was driving across the Point st. bridge and this is what I saw, it was so beautiful I had to pull over and take this photo. Hope you like it!

iPhone photography March 4th

Some times your boat sinks and you might not even know it…

iPhone photography March 3rd


iPhone photography March 1st

Tidal water right here in beautiful Narragansett RI

Oceanic Adventures 3

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