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Leftover Cuties Portrait Session, Rhode Island

The Leftover Cuties are a breath of fresh air in the music scene. If you don’t know their music, it’s both old style and modern, very danceable but they aren’t a dance band, the music has depth and gravitas but is sometimes quirky and playful. I had the honor and pleasure of creating these portraits during their stay over in Rhode Island. The timing was good as it was Austin’s (the bass player) birthday! Yay!

You may be familiar with The Showtime television show called “The Big C” that the Cuties wrote and performed the theme song for.

Here are two other songs that moved me (both in different ways)

Dig the photos! I am very proud of them!

Taste of The Towers In Narragansett: Wedding Photographer Seth Jacobson

The Towers in Narragansett in Hosted their annual event “Taste of the Towers” featuring the regions best catering companies preparing food and drinks for all to enjoy. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. I make sure to arrive hungry and they didn’t let me down! I was wowed by some incredible food, thank you for all the great tasting, finger licking delectables!

Here is a list of some of the great companies represented  with links to their websites

West Bay Gourmet

Coastal Gourmet 

Blackstone Catering

Decadent Catering

Cozy Catering

The Shelter Harbor Inn

The Meadowbrook Inn

Simply Devine

Wildwood Catering

Parnzi Catering

The Matunuck Oyster Bar

Ripe Hospitality

Tom’s market

Glorious Affairs

The West Valley Inn

McGrath Clambakes

The Berklee World Strings Perform at The Towers in Narragansett RI

I just had the incredible pleasure of seeing one of the worlds best string ensembles live and in person. What a moving and inspirational performance. The Berklee World Strings  on Facebook check them out!

_SAJ5837 _SAJ5841 _SAJ5853 _SAJ5935 _SAJ5946 _SAJ5980-Edit _SAJ5992 _SAJ6012 _SAJ6019 _SAJ6020 _SAJ6022 _SAJ6034 _SAJ6038 _SAJ6051

Photos from Taste of The Towers wedding sampler

The Towers in Narragansett RI put on its annual Taste of the Towers event tonight featuring a wonderful array of fantastic food prepared by the region best catering companies. Here are some photos of this wonderful event.

Here are some of the companies featured here with links to their websites!

Westbay Gourmet

Coastal Gourmet

Tom’s Market

Blackstone Caterers


Simply Devine Catering

McGrath Clambakes

Decadent Catering

Wild Wood Catering

The Shelter Harbor Inn

Rhode Island Portrait Project Video

I am super proud of this video that the very talented Marc Creedon made for The Rhode Island Portrait Project! You can visit

his website here

If you are in need of a video for your social media efforts I highly recommend Marc!

The Towers Narragansett Rhode Island

This is a photograph of the Towers Narragansett RI that I took last year. The Towers is one of my favorite places in the world hosting many weddings, and public events like music and dancing every thursday night in the summer time for the past 14 years!

The Towers Narragansett RI

Wedding at The Towers Narragansett

I was a second shooter for Kelly Meyer at KM Photography today. It is always fun to do second shooting for another photographer and is good for getting another perspective on a wedding day. Here are 2 photos I took of the boys in front of the Towers. We certainly had fun!!!

Wedding Party at The Towers!

The Towers Narragansett RI, Wedding Photos

The Towers in Narragansett see quite a few of weddings but not very many of them get to have dinner outside! Here is a look at what a wedding looks like from the Towers if you have your reception outside in the courtyard by the Fountain! Super Cool ha!

Wedding photo, The Towers Narragansett Rhode Island

Rhode Island Portrait Project: La Bella Music

I photographed Morgan Santos and Emily Chen of La Bella Musica recently for my Business Portrait series. These ladies are extremely talented musicians and it was really a fun shoot to work on. At the end they treated me to a brief concert at my request/begging 🙂

I have worked with them at weddings and it is always a pleasure to hear REAL live music played by REAL people, with Real skills…

Here is a link to their website

Thanks ladies for such a fun shoot! I think we ended up with a really great portrait!

Emily Chen and Morgan Santos of La Bella Musica

Model photo shoot

I created some cool photos today. As with all great endeavors this wasn’t done alone. I had the help of some very talented people.

Lynda Williams of Formal hair design did the hair styling and wasn’t it super cool!!! Here is her website

Jennifer Hodge from Spectrum Makeup Artistry did the make up. I am always amazed at what make up does to create a look and she did a wonderful job!

Here is her website

And Brad Smith another photographer was there. We helped each other out and bounced ideas and light around together. Just a fun playful day creating cool images.  Also thanks to our model Cory for being so great! Digem!!!

A few from this past year

Here are a few wedding, portrait and client photos from this past year in Rhode Island. It was a great year for photography! I grew as a photographer and got to know some wonderful people along the way!!!


Karen and Phil wedding at the Towers in Narragansett

It was a very stormy day for Karen and Phil on their wedding day in Narragansett. But while the skies were dark the spirits were bright! And despite the weather we had a wonderful day and this beautiful couple ended the day as a married couple! The wedding ceremony was supposed to take place outside but that soon became clear that it simply wasn’t an option…

But we adjusted and moved it inside the Towers, no problem. It was a great day hosted at the Towers in Narragansett RI

here is their website

The Flowers were by Weedweavers from Wakefield RI Beautiful as always Elaine!

Here is their website

Catering by Westbay Gourmet who ran the day  flawlessly under difficult circumstances. Great job KC!

Here is their website

The music and entertainment was done by Jason from Music mixers and he never fails to get them up and dancing another slam dunk!!!

Here is their website

And here is a preview of some of the photos! Hope you like them as much as I do!!!

Anna and Jason

These Portraits are of a family about to be! I love photographing engagement photos because of the excitement and anticipation in the air! We are all very excited about the upcoming wedding for Anna and Jason at the Towers in Narragansett! Wooo Hoo. And I believe we created some truly beautfiul portraits that I am very proud of!

Side note: Anna and Jason had spent all day in the sun the day we did these photos and both got pretty sunburned and were in quite a bit of pain because of it… But they were both troopers and it ended up being ok, mostly because they had wonderful attitudes about it all… S

Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett

I just had a wonderful Lobster sandwich from Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett! If you don’t know about Aunt Carrie’s then you obviously aren’t a Rhode Islander…

Here is their website

The folks down there asked me to make a few post cards of some of my Rhode Island Images and put up some photos as well. I was very excited and honored to do this. I just dropped off a beautiful photo of the Towers in Narragansett and am making another of the Newport Bridge as we speak. Here is the photo I put up, go down to the New Aunt Carries Icecream shop and see it there!

The Towers Narragansett RI

As many of you know I love the Towers in Narragansett RI! Here is a recent photo of it for you to enjoy!

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