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When life comes at you

I have been feeling the weight of life coming down on me lately. This wonderful quote from Leonard Cohen helps keep things in perspective

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Beth and Mike wedding photos

HDR photo experiment

I have been seeing alot of HDR photography lately on the web and frankly most of it is pretty boring to me. Like a new toy photographers have gotten it is over used as of late. But some HDR can be really great. So I thought I would try my hand at it. I hope I didn’t fall prey to the siren song of HDR. If I start posting lots of these types of images please remind me of this post…

For those of you who don’t know about HDR or what it is. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it combines multiple exposures into one final photo. I took three photo at Astors in Newport at a wedding a few weeks back and took some time to blend them using the new Photoshop CS5 HDR I like it. Here are two images dark and light that I started from I also took a middle exposure not posted but I think you can get the idea here.

And this is what we ended up with. Let me know what you think?

Taste of the Towers

Bunches of wonderful Caterers descended on the Towers last night for a fantastic night of great food, and drink in this wonderful location right on the Ocean. My estimate would be 300 guests, and everyone was smiling! What a lovely night it was! You can see the Towers website here

K.C. Bishop from West Bay Gourmet was the coordinator for the event, you can see their website here

Also the other business represented were

Coastal Gourmet

Tom’s Market Catering

Matunuck Oyster Bar

The Shelter Harbor Inn

Pranzi Catering

Plantation Catering

Blackstone Catering

Chelo’s Catering

Atomic Catering

Pinelli Marra

Glorious affairs

The West Valley Inn

Granny Squibb’s Ice Tea

Nana’s Ice Cream

Flowers by

Flower Thyme

and Weed Weavers

Decorations from Exquisite Events

April 21 iPhone photos

The blooming trees continue to inspire me every day

April 20th iPhone photography

In love with the beautiful blooming happening around me!

iPhone photography Tax day

Even though it’s Tax day there us something to smile about! This is the last rem-nants of the magnolia tree in my yard. Almost all gone by so we have to be officially into spring now…

iPhone photography April 14th

Good morning spring time!!!

iPhone photography April 7th

The stream behind my home here in scenic Saunderstown Rhode Island

Cinco de April

Shapes, beautiful blue shapes! I took this at my friend Whit’s house he has this strange configuration in his kitchen I thought was interesting…

iPhone photography April 4th

Things are beginning to look alot like spring time!!! The Magnolia tree next to my bedroom window is in full bloom and I couldn’t be more pleased about that!

iPhone photography April 2nd

Beaver lake in Asheville North Carolina

iPhone photography

Spring has sprung in Rhode Island!

iPhone photography March 3rd


iPhone photography feb. 21st

The crescent moon rising over my back yard caused me to pause and ponder the joy of being alive.

iPhone photography Feb. 15th

The end to another beautiful day in RI

iPhone photography Valentines day

On this Valentines day I am reminded that Love has a rhythm in the same way that a day has a rhythm. I wish you a lot of love with complex but beautiful beat to dance to…

iPhone photography Feb. 8th

I drove past this place yesterday and it caught my attention because I think it was still open? Trying to sell beer… This place looked like it needed repairs in the 70’s and still hadn’t gotten them.

iPhone photography Feb. 1st

These leaves look so beautiful here trapped under ice, it reminds me that we all have a beauty about us it is just sometimes waiting to thaw out a bit.

iPhone photography Jan. 31st

I went out for a run today and it was REALLY cold… But while I was out and about I saw this beautiful ice flow and lucky for me I had my phone!! So dig it! I love this image!!!

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