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iPhone photography Jan. 17th

Some times you are the windshield some times the fly… Found this little critter whilst sledding here in Saunderstown with my daughter and the neighborhood kids. Cool ha?

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 27th

Kids and fluffy animals what is better than that? I wish you could have seen this bunny it was so soft! And it’s ears were so BIG. What a cutie ha?

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 23rd

Remnants of a Christmas time snowy romp

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 21st

Nanook of the North. Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow…

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 17th

Does dressing your pets up like humans constitute abuse? I actually just think it is SUPER cute! This is from a clients home today funny ha?

Hello World

I started this I phone project on October 26th 2009 on Facebook. Here are the images I have made so far. They are all shot and edited on my Iphone exclusively. I will be posting a new photo everyday here, so check back and see what the new images look like!

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