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We Are The People/behind the curtain

I created this portrait with a 4 light set up. I placed 3 lights bare bulb: 2 pointed at 45 degree angles toward the camera and one placed really low to the ground behind Emily and pointed up at the flag in the center. The fourth light was shot though a small octa box onto her face. We placed the 8’x 12′ flag behind her outside in the snow storm attached to my tripod backdrop holder. The settings on my camera were ISO 64- shutter 200th- aperture 5.6 and my lens was an 85 mm Nikon lens.



We Are The People/Mexico sends it’s best

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Like so many other people I am angered and embarrassed about what is happening to my beautiful country by the current political administration. While I don’t have any real power to change their draconian policies, I still think that we need to do what we can. What I can do is take photos. And there are so many stories out there of good people doing good things and I want to use my abilities as a photographer to tell those stories. This is the 1st photo of the series I am calling “We are the People”

This is my proud, strong and defiant stepdaughter Emily.

She is half Mexican and all American.

Her father immigrated here at the age of 26 with the dream of creating a new life and serving as a medical doctor. Currently this is the life he lives and has saved more American lives and returned more loved ones home, against the odds, to their American families than can be counted.

Mexico sends its best.



Michaelmas Photos from the Meadowbrook Waldorf School RI

My Beautiful Daughter Lucia’s 1st day of school!

It is always a big day to see your child start her 1st day of school. I can now add myself to the many who have come before me in sending their kids off… I do love my beautiful daughter.

Here is what it looked like

Portrait Photography at Beavertail in Jamestown RI

I am SUPER proud of this one! We got the whole enchilada  right on this one. Great weather, great location, and a wonderful couple that relaxed into being photographed and we got a superb portrait! We showed up at Beaver Tail in Jamestown RI and it was a little breezy and cloudy which was perfect! I set the exposure to underexpose the background a little, and set up an umbrella which my lovely assistant Lucia held in place because of the breeze (see set up shot) Lit with a speedlight and using  my Pocket wizards to trigger the light, I waited for the light house to spin around and shine the light in our direction and Click we got it!

Jennifer and Andre portrait at Beaver Tail in Jamestown RI



Set up for the portrait with my lovely assistant Lucia!

Child Portrait Photography

Lucia Serene April 2011

I try not to post TOO many photos of my daughter because well you know, other people’s kids get a bit boring after a while… But here is my beautiful daughter in a portrait that I created today by the creek that runs past my home here in lovely Saunderstown RI. It was afternoon about 4:00 so the sun was behind her. I set my exposure to make the background exactly the brightness I wanted it and then put an umbrella up and to her right. With my speed light set at about 1/2 power. My exposure was 250th shutter F-stop 4.5 on my 85mm lens ISO 100

Here is a set up shot for you to see exactly where my light was

Lighting Set up for Lucia's portrait

My Funny Valentine

Creativity, talent and growth are funny things. I have been thinking a lot about these issues lately. Paraphrasing a quote I heard recently: Inspiration is a myth, real artists just get to work…

So I have been getting to work testing out new lighting techniques, new Photoshop techniques, and just plain getting to work on my craft of photography. And I am happy to say that I am in a growth period and it feels GREAT! My photos are better than ever and I am understanding light more every day. I photographed my beautiful daughter today. She is a remarkable child and I am lucky to have her as my daughter. Here is her picture



Happy Birthday to me!

My 5 year old daughter took and directed this photo of me. Happy Birthday to me!!!

School Lantern Festival

Last week I joined the ranks of all the other parents in the world that have been to school functions for their children. This was the 1st of all of these types of events for me and it was pretty nice. The Waldorf School where my daughter goes here in beautiful RI has a lantern festival every year starting with a puppet show for the kids and then ends with everyone walking in the dark with lanterns and singing songs. It was very nice and here are the photos!

My beautiful daughter with Tulips

here is the little beauty

iPhone photography

After the rain…

iPhone photography

iPhone photography

Taking a leap of faith!

iPhone photography feb 20th

These two kids end up spending a lot of tine together. I love being a part of their world!

iPhone photography Feb. 18th

Winter fun, Winter Friends.

Boy I love Winter!!!

iPhone photography Feb. 11th

Three photos of my beautiful sweet child playing with the kids in our neighborhood.

iPhone photography Feb. 9th

Watching the moon rise with Lucia

iPhone photography Feb. 2nd

I took my little beautiful daughter out ice skating last evening in Newport RI. It was the very 1st time she had done this and she did spledidly!!! Here are the images.

iPhone phone photography Jan. 16th

Out for a walk in Saunderstown, on a beautiful sunny winter day.

Thank you for all the support!

If you like any of these images and know other people that might enjoy having a beautiful portrait of their family I would love a referral to them! Thanks so much!


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