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Portrait of Rick Maguire Master Guitar Maker

Rick Maguire

This is master craftsman Rick Maguire. For nearly three decades, Rick has been hand-crafting stringed instruments. Since the creation of each stringed instrument is a labor-intensive endeavor, Rick offers only the finest tonewoods for production and customization. 

Also he is a wonderful man. 
Check out his website here

Portrait of Cooper Woodring

Cooper Woodring

This is Cooper Woodring, I spent hours talking with Cooper about life and the creative process, he is a surprisingly open and thoughtful man. He talked with me about the fact that his lungs are failing to work properly and has placed himself on hospice. I was moved by the straightforward and unflinching way he is approaching his death. I can only hope to address my own death with a fraction of the grace that he possesses. 
He spent a majority of his career as manager of product design and new product development for $20 billion per year JCPenney Company in New York City.

He also: • received an appointment from President Ronald Reagan to head the United States Information Agency’s Cultural Exchange Mission, “Design in America,” behind the then-Iron Curtain; • became the first industrial designer to address The Conference Board, the prestigious Fortune 500 organization; • served two terms as mayor of his then-hometown of Plandome, NY; • has testified before the US Congress on The Industrial Design Innovation and Technology Act (HR1790 & S791); • is represented in New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s Permanent Collection and in Washington, DC’s Smithsonian Museum; • was the design expert that Apple brought in to testify on their behalf in the famous lawsuit against samsung regarding the design of the iPhone (they won) #portrait#nikonnofilter#godoxad600

Kristin and James get married at the Galilee beach club

Kristin and James get married at The Galilee beach club

Zappa Plays Zappa (full show) at Lupo’s in Providence RI by Seth Jacobson

Scheila Gonzalez and Ryan Brown from Zappa Plays Zappa Portraits by Seth Jacobson

Zappa Plays Zappa (Sound Check) at Lupo’s Heart Break Hotel in Providence RI, by Seth Jacobson

Alfred Hitchcock themed portrait session, Rhode Island engagement photos

TJ and Sarah approached me about making an “outside of the box” type portrait session and I was all for it! While I love creating more “standard” romantic images for my clients, THIS idea of using Alfred Hitchock movies as our inspiration was SUPER exciting to me! What a blast it was to make these images! Hopefully you like the as much as we do!!! I was impressed by the level of commitment they both showed toward making the photos happen! Feel free to share this post around if you like the photos as much as we do! I’m including a few original images from the movies as a reference for our inspiration for the shoot. Thanks to everyone that helped us make these photos happen.

Homage to "Rear Window" by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to “Rear Window” by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to "The Birds" by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to “The Birds” by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to "The Birds" by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to “The Birds” by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to "Psycho" by Seth Jacobson Photography

Homage to “Psycho” by Seth Jacobson Photography

Our inspiration from "The Birds"

Our inspiration from “The Birds”

Our inspiration from "Psycho"

Our inspiration from “Psycho”

Our inspiration from "Psycho"

Our inspiration from “Psycho”

Our inspiration from "Psycho"

Our inspiration from “Psycho”

Our inspiration from "The Birds"

Our inspiration from “The Birds”

Our inspiration from "Rear Window"

Our inspiration from “Rear Window”

Our inspiration from "Rear Window"

Our inspiration from “Rear Window”

Our inspiration from "The Birds"

Our inspiration from “The Birds”

Macedonio Family Portrait Rhode Island

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Photograph at The Towers

I have been volunteering at The Towers helping out with the Music and Dancing series that the Fabulous Kate Vivian has created there for about 13 years. We have seen hundreds of  wonderful Bands come and perform in front of thousands of people over the years. This is a wonderful event that I am very proud to be a part of! Here is a link to The Towers website Every year we end off our season with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. He is an amazing musician with an incredible band! Truly one of my favorite events of the year, every year!!! Here is a link to Steve’s website This year I decided to photograph him during the show and this is the shot I got! As always click on the photo to see it at the right size!

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at The Towers

Wedding Photos at Theater by the Sea and The South Ferry Church

Bethany and Janek are a WONDERFUL couple that not only feel wonderful together as a couple but also inspire you as individuals as well! Bethany is an actress that is staring in a TV show called the Heart of Dixie and Janek is one of the best Jazz Bass Players in the world! I wonder what kind of Genius children they will have…

During the ceremony Zarni De Wet Performed beautifully Check out her website!

At the Reception Brass Attack ROCKED The house! here is their website

They also had a photobooth which was super fun! Here is their website!

The Wedding Ceremony was at one of my favorite places The South Ferry Church Website here

The reception was at Theater by the Sea Website here

Photo of Hurricane Irene from Space (NASA Photo)

Holy Moly! Click on it to see the detail close up!

Hurricane Irene from Space (NASA Photo)

Dentist Office photos for Picus Woodwrights

I don’t do a ton of commercial work, but my friend and very talented contractor Greg Bressler of Picus Woodrights had me take some photos for him recently and I think we got some pretty nice photos!

Wedding Photos at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol RI

Mikhaela and Tony Got married at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol Rhode Island yesterday and WHAT A DAY IT WAS!!! Wow it was a roller coaster of weather! First it was SUPER HOT and sweaty then the Clouds came up and a nice light breeze swept over the wedding and then that built into incredible winds and lightning and rain! We had to evacuate the tent right in the middle of Mikhaela and Tony’s first dance! Everyone left the tent and filed into the Mansion for about 45 min until we got the ok to go back out side. Mikhaela and Tony were AWESOME!!! We actually had fun with it!!! After we got back into the tent and the Black Tie band kick it in then the dancing began and we had a blast!!! Thanks to all involved for a wonderful night and mostly congrats to the lovely bride and groom!

The dedicated staff at Blithewold Mansion did a great job with it all   and worked perfectly with

the Fabulous staff at Russell Morin Fine Catering

The band was my favorite Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band

Flowers were by the Mother of the Bride and the lovely Polly from Robin Hollow Farm

Rhode Island Portrait Project: Liberty Rentals/ Joe Viele

I am very excited to announce a new portrait project I am starting. I live in Rhode Island and love where I live and am surrounded by great people. This community is filled with interesting fun and smart people who inspire me both on a personal level and also as a business. So I have decided to create a portrait document of some of the local business people I know that are making it happen in my community.

1st stop Liberty Rentals Their Website is right here

Liberty Rentals has 2 parts to their business, equipment rentals and party rentals. I created a portrait of Joe Viele from the equipment side of the business.

Joe Viele standing in front of Liberty Rentals

Behind the curtain Johnette portrait

Here is a portrait I created today of Johnnette. She is pictured here in the final shot with almost no post processing. I think I added just a tiny bit of brighness slider in lighroom but that is it.


The photo was taken on my D700 with ISO 500, shutter 1/60, and aperature of 3.2 on my 50mm 1.4 lens. So how I created it was I had her sitting in front of her piano with the lamp you can see on top of the piano on and another you can’t see hidden behind the piano also on pointed at the statue in the back, and another camera right and low on the floor lighting the background a little more. I had a 4′ silver bounce about 5 ‘ camera left that I pointed my flash at filling her in with soft flattering light from the left. I am very happy with the results!

Portrait of the day

Took this portrait today and I love it! This is a wonderful man and I am very proud to have worked with him.

How to create a great portrait

This beautiful photo of my daughter was taken in afternoon/evening light. The sun was getting pretty low in the sky and directly behind her. I had an 85 mm lens on the camera. My aperature was set at 1.8 which makes that wonderful blur in the background shutter 1/640th of a second ISO 100

I was about 6 feet away from the subject, and just off to my right about 3 feet away from her was a gold bounce gently pushing light back on her. Very simple but effective

How to create a beautiful wedding portrait

Here is a beautiful portrait RIGHT out of my camera. NO adjustments at all on the test shot or the final version.

I saw a big window with some nice afternoon/evening light coming through but the curtains were big and unmoving so I had Kevin the Groom step in as my assistant and hold the curtains back. then I took a test shot to see what it looked like

beautiful light but WAY dark on one side so I had Stacey my assistant come in with a reflector and bounce a little light just off camera to my right and fill in that other side here are two photos from my iPhone showing the set up.

My settings on the final shot were ISO 250, Aperature 2.8, Shutter 1/50th

and again this is straight out of my camera

20,000 hits today!

Thank you for looking at this blog. We exeeded 20,000 hits today! I started it in Nov of last year so I feel really great about this amount of traffic. Thank you very much


Kathleen and Pablo at South County Museum

Kathleen and Pablo got married at the South County Museum recently and I had the good fortune of being the photographer. I loved working with them and their families on this unbelievably hot day. Although I did have a small crisis with my car. I went to Kathleen’s parents home in Jamestown to photograph her getting ready. That all went off without a hitch. But when I got in my car to follow the Limo to the Ceremony my ignition switch broke and I couldn’t start my car. Apparently there are little moving parts in your ignition that can break down over time. I just about had a heart attack! Luckily I was working with Kelly Meyer who is an awesome photographer and she was already at the church, and luckily a friend of mine was able to drop everything and drive over and let me use a car for the day. TOTAL life saver… I only ended up missing  about 45 seconds of the ceremony. Kathleen was still walking down the aisle when I arrived! Phew…

The rest of the day was Amazing! Kathleen and Pablo are a lovely couple! What struck me from the very first time I met them was how affectionate and loving Pablo is to Kathleen. He is constantly reaching out to hold her hand and brush the hair out of her eyes etc… They are obviously filled with love for each other and that is SO NICE to be around.

Coastal Gourmet was provided the food and it was GREAT!  Here is their website

Moondance productions provided the music and everyone was dancing!!! Here is their website

I was the photographer and here is my website 🙂 LOL

The event happened at the South County Museum and Here is their website