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“Light The Way” Photographic Workshop at Manic Training Wakefield Rhode Island

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

I co-hosted yet another “Light The Way” photographic workshop with my friend and fellow photographer Brad Smith this past weekend. This one took place at Manic Training Which by the way is an EXCELLENT place to workout!

We had a blast with lots of photos created and lots of learning happening I LOVE to teach what I love… I believe we had about 15 photographers in the room with 5 models and 2 hair and make up professionals. Thanks also to Trevor Holden and Matt Jacobsen for some behind the scenes photography and assistance in setting up and breaking down the piles of gear we brought with us, as well as taking some participants under their wing as needed.

Check out this really fun video we made of the event!

Thank you very much to Lynda Williams of Formal Hair Design her hair styles keep getting better and better! Check out these ladies!

And Thank you to Jennifer Hodge of Spectrum Make up Artistry Always does just the right amount of makeup so the ladies look their best!

Here are some photos that I created

A big THANK YOU to our Models who really stepped up to the plate!

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

"Light The Way" Photographic Workshops

“Light The Way” Photographic Workshops

Light The Way, Lighting workshop Narragansett Rhode Island, Portrait Photography

I am very proud to announce the 2nd lighting workshop I am putting on with the talented Brad Smith! Here is the info on how to sign up if you want to take your photography to the next level. We will have models that will be done up professionally by the lovely and talented Lynda Williams of Formal Hair Design and make up by the beautiful Jennifer Hodge of Spectrum Make up Artistry

Lighting workshop info

Photoshopping behind the scenes

I get asked all the time what amount of photoshopping I do to my images and the truth is not very much. Most of the time I prefer to do my work before hand using good composition, good lighting, and just generally get the fundamentals of photography “right” in camera. But sometimes I do take extra time and really tweak and tweeze a photo in the computer to push it to another level. Also let me be clear I have NO problem AT ALL with using the computer to enhance, change or manipulate a photo. There is an erroneous idea out there that with the invention of Photoshop so came the invention of the manipulated image. This is simply NOT SO. Here two examples of people using the dark room, airbrushing, and other techniques to manipulate enhance or just change an image…

The great master Jerry Uelsmann

And Joseph Stalin not only wiped people out with guns, but in photos too…

But I am getting a little off topic here, I love the computer and Photoshop, and have no problem using them to execute my vision of what a photograph should look like. Maybe on another day I will spend some time writing about this and going into in with more detail, but for now I want to show you what I have done with this image of a beautiful woman who I photographed this week. This 1st shot is straight out of the camera no changes at all to the image. Pretty good ha?

This 2nd version has been adjusted in Adobe Lighroom 3

I added just a tiny bit of green and yellow to the white balance of the photo, removed the mole from her chest and brightened the shadow on her face just a little. It’s getting better…

This finished version was exported into Adobe Photoshop CS5 and changed a little more there.

I added a little more yellow to the photo softened just a tiny bit, and cleaned up the stray hairs on her head, and last softened the shadow on her chest. So this is my vision of what this photo should look like as realized by the computer. I hope this helps illustrate to those of you who are interested what can happen behind the scenes on an image. As I said at the beginning of this post, I mostly don’t do this much work on my photos. Because there is something to be said for a more “natural” look. But sometimes I feel the desire to push an image to that next level…

Model photo shoot

I created some cool photos today. As with all great endeavors this wasn’t done alone. I had the help of some very talented people.

Lynda Williams of Formal hair design did the hair styling and wasn’t it super cool!!! Here is her website

Jennifer Hodge from Spectrum Makeup Artistry did the make up. I am always amazed at what make up does to create a look and she did a wonderful job!

Here is her website

And Brad Smith another photographer was there. We helped each other out and bounced ideas and light around together. Just a fun playful day creating cool images.  Also thanks to our model Cory for being so great! Digem!!!

A few from this past year

Here are a few wedding, portrait and client photos from this past year in Rhode Island. It was a great year for photography! I grew as a photographer and got to know some wonderful people along the way!!!


#8 rugby shirts

I don’t do a lot of  “commercial” work, but today I photographed for the #8 rugby shirt company and had a BLAST!!! What fun we had. Our models were a real joy to work with and everyone was totally relaxed and comfortable! I think we ended up with great photos, don’t you?

Here is a link to the #8 Rugby website

Beth and Mike wedding photos

Marcia and Tom wedding at the Towers

I had the distinct honor of photographing a wedding on Sunday at the Towers in Narragansett Rhode Island. Marcia and Tom are a lovely couple that I met a couple of years ago when I photographed Tom’s brother being inducted into the marine corps. Since then I photographed a family portrait for them as well. As what happens often for me when I spend time with families at these wonderful junctures in their lives I feel so connected to them, and their well-being. We originally had this wedding set for Oct. when Tom’s brother Tim was ordered to go to Afghanistan in July. So we moved the wedding ahead in order for him to attend. (side note: please be safe and come home quickly Tim)

Lynda Williams from Formal hair design did all the lady’s hair. Here is her website. Don’t they look great! Wonderful job!

Joy from Flower Thyme did the flowers and as always did a fantastic job!!! Beautiful!!! Here is their website

The event happened at the Towers in Narragansett. My favorite place in Rhode Island. Here is their website

Pranzi was the Caterer, the food was wonderful! Thanks for feeding us so well Here is their website

Donna from Make over artistry did the make up for the lady’s simply beautiful! Here is her website

All around a Great Day! Thank you to Tom and Marcia for being so wonderful and having me as your photographer!!!

Model photo shoot

More in my series showing the behind the scenes of portrait sessions. Working with pretty people always helps… Lucky for me I had a beautiful woman to work with. I was using 3 lights for this portrait. two up and behind her about 5 feet away from her with no modifiers on them at all, just the speed ring/reflectors. For those of you aren’t photographers that is just a small silver ring to generally point the light one direction. I was shooting in an office building see the florecent lights and power strip on the wall … I just over powered the lights in the room with my lights so you aren’t seeing any of those in the final shot. My main light which was a light shot thru an umbrella was set up above her and to my right but as close as I could get it to her about maybe 3 feet away, because I wanted that light to be as soft as possible. I used the regular green wall as a backdrop. We ended up with a dramatic image! Dig it!

Behind the curtain of a portrait session

For those of you who are interested in what goes into a portrait…

We showed up at about 5:15 pm so the sun was getting lower in the sky on this April evening. I put Brianna with the Sun  behind her and off to my left a bit. See her shadow in the 1st photo. All these shots are taken at ISO 320 this is because I wasn’t paying attention close enough and forgot to change it back from the last shoot I did where I needed a higher ISO… Lucky for me the Nikon D2x doesn’t get grainy at this setting! 1st shot was taken just to get a read on the light and check out the exposure I wanted for the background for the real techies out there it was 250th shutter and F-7  the lens was my 70-200 VR zoom taken at 70mm the final shot was taken with the zoom set to 105 mm and I was standing up on a ladder

Then I added a light from directly to the right of the model. A beauty dish set about 10 feet away from her up about 8 feet in the air pointed down at her. Powered by a battery pack as we were out in a field…

This is the end result! I was very happy with the portrait! I love how the man made light source takes on a look of the sun and the light behind her head looks like a fake light but the opposite is actually true… There you have it a peek behind the curtain!

Model Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing a very talented model this weekend. These photos of Brianna I think are really beautiful. Thank you to Ed Lefkowicz for letting me use his lights and for helping with the shoot. We worked well together and I hope to do it again soon. It is worth noting that the photos at the end of the end of the day were taken down by the Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett RI and it was REALLY windy and REALLY cold but Brianna was a totally good sport about it and jumped right in without even the smallest complaint. I think we ended up with some spectactular photos because of it.

Portrait Photography

I had the great pleasure of photographing these ADORABLE girls recently. They were fun and playful and really pretty! I am super happy with the way they turned out!

Fashion Photo shoot

Here are some of the photos from a Fashion Photo Shoot I did on Sunday at the Towers in Narragansett. Thank you to Kate Vivian for letting us use this wonderful building! Thank you to the models Ashley (red hair) and Brianna (brown hair) for being so playful and fun! And thanks to Brad Smith for being a great collaborator. We switched off playing assistant to each other and taking over… A successful photo session becomes a success because of a lot of different reasons. I cannot create good photos if the subject doesn’t want to be there. It IS MY JOB to make them feel comfortable, and to have my technical stuff in place (you know the boring details like lighting, shutter speed, etc…) but then if the person being photographed won’t take a few risks then the images don’t have that extra oomph… We need to work together, it is a give and take, and these ladies were really GREAT. I am very happy with the results, and am sure that you will be too…