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The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

I woke up this morning in San Francisco, and snuck out of bed in the dark. Luckily we had amazing light today. Here are a couple photos I created of The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

The Golden Gate Bridge by Seth Jacobson Photography

Beautiful Landscape Photos of Providence Rhode Island

I photographed the Power Plant in Providence Rhode Island this week Here is what I made. I think it is a lovely photo showing off what I have wanted to capture since I moved here in 1995. Sometimes good photographs take their time to come to the surface 🙂

Providence Rhode Island

Photo of Saltwater Farm Vineyard

I am pleased to tell you that one of my photos is being featured in a book about wine and Vineyards in CT.

Here is a link about the book! Go check it out and if you like wine, maybe you should buy the book too!

The Newport Bridge

The beautiful Newport Bridge! Taken on a foggy day just after the sun dropped over the horizon. Taken on my 70-200 mm  VR lens. Set on a tripod just to make sure it was sharp. Taken at shutter 60th F-stop 2.8 ISO 640 on my D700

the newport bridge by Seth Jacobson

HDR photo experiment

I have been seeing alot of HDR photography lately on the web and frankly most of it is pretty boring to me. Like a new toy photographers have gotten it is over used as of late. But some HDR can be really great. So I thought I would try my hand at it. I hope I didn’t fall prey to the siren song of HDR. If I start posting lots of these types of images please remind me of this post…

For those of you who don’t know about HDR or what it is. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it combines multiple exposures into one final photo. I took three photo at Astors in Newport at a wedding a few weeks back and took some time to blend them using the new Photoshop CS5 HDR I like it. Here are two images dark and light that I started from I also took a middle exposure not posted but I think you can get the idea here.

And this is what we ended up with. Let me know what you think?

iPhone photography April 10th

This is the Court House center for the Arts in Kingston Rhode Island, taken on my phone. Click here for a link to there website!

iPhone photography

The long and not very winding road… Things continue to look up for me!

iPhone photography

Things continue to look up for Seth!

iPhone photography

iPhone photography

Things continue to look up for Seth

iPhone photography Feb. 18th

Winter fun, Winter Friends.

Boy I love Winter!!!

iPhone photography Feb. 10th

Here comes the snow, I hope it is enough to go sledding with!

iPhone photography Feb. 8th

I drove past this place yesterday and it caught my attention because I think it was still open? Trying to sell beer… This place looked like it needed repairs in the 70’s and still hadn’t gotten them.

iPhone photography Feb. 3rd

The snow coming down looking at my my portal to the world.

iPhone birthday photography!!!

Today is my birthday!!! Thanks Mom for pushing me out… I have had a great week for creativity!!! I submitted art work to 2 different contests this week and won on both accounts!!! I have also had a burst of creativity with my iPhone photography project. Today you get a bunch of photos. These are some shots from around my yard. Happy birthday to me!!!

iPhone photography Jan. 27th

This is Wakefield RI at South County Commons, taken right at dusk. Those magic moments between day and night are so special…

iPhone photography Jan. 23rd

My roof with a mornings frost on it.

iPhone photography Jan. 10th

And I’m looking out my belly button window …

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 29th

Whilst helping a friend move today I looked up in the sky and saw this beautiful sight. Glad that I can share it with you!

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 16th

This is a huge door maybe 20 feet high and if you look into the window you can see a ladder inside. Makes me wonder what they were doing. But I am kind of nosy…

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