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airplane photography

iPhone photography April 3rd

Aim high! More in my things are looking up iPhone photography series

iPhone photography

High flyin life

iPhone photography

Click on the photo and look close, you can just see the airplane. I love this photo! And Yep it was taken on my phone

iPhone photography Jan. 15th

Having taken a few days off from the iPhone photography project I feel rested and ready for action. I love this photo and hope you do too! I love the lines and the impied motion…

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 16th

This is one of my favorites yet! I am absolutely loving this project! Taken this morning at Sun rise as a plane was flying over head.

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 11th

Look closely at this one… Here we are moving toward oblivion. This photo has a real Yin and Yang feel to it for me, but then again I am always looking for the duality in life.

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