About Seth


“I am obsessed with photography, I adore photography, I love photography and believe that a beautiful photo has the power to change the way we feel about our selves!”

The magic behind the scenes happens from his home in southern Rhode Island where he lives with his family and his stacks of CD’s, Records, and 78’s.

Seth has been professionally creating beautiful images in New England and around the world since 1999. Seth photographs at many local spots including Newport, Narragansett, Providence, Connecticut, Cape Cod and Boston. He also has a passport and will travel to your location outside of this area.

Seth has enjoyed features in several prestigious publications over the years including TIME Magazine and Grace Magazine. Giving back to the community is valuable to Seth. He has volunteered his services to organizations and charities including The American Diabetes Association, The American Cancer Society, The Jimmy Fund and Butler Hospital.
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  1. This all looks good, Seth

  2. Seth, are you sure you are not a genius? I LOVE seeing your work and being in your presence. AWESOME stuff!


  3. I can’t believe you get some of these pictures with just your iphone. I’m not sure my iphone can do this. What kind of apps do you use to edit them?

  4. Seth, I just found your blog. What a fantastic idea! Let me get this straight…you are posting daily pictures on your blog that were all taken and edited on your iPhone? What a concept! I will surely keep this site as one of my favorites and visit it often. Just now, as I was browsing, I was able to take a deeper look into your photography, as well as read your interpretations of each. You have an incredible gift, but you always have. I also was able to enjoy the numerous pictures of your daughter, Lucia. She is one cute little girl. You must be very proud! If you are anything like you were when I knew you, Lucia is one lucky kid to have a father like you. Take care and keep challenging yourself and the world in which we live. Peace!

  5. Hello Seth my name is Daiano i’m an italian photographer and few days ago i started a project like your, a pic for day. I put pics of my job, i work for a newspapaer, so the photographs are about news. I like that idea to use just the iphone for taking pics! They are very nice! I let u my adress blog,it would be nice if u visit it sometimes! http://www.daianocristini.wordpress.com

  6. thegreeningspirit

    Hello Seth…I am a new FB Friend…and also a South County neighbor who also loves to take and post photographs there and on my blog here on wordpress. I will enjoy perusing through your blog here after “landing” post holiday and looking forward to enjoying the work and vision of a fellow photographer!
    Christine Phoenix-Green

  7. Roxanne Johnson

    As Clay’s mother and Gina’s mother-in-law I love them and what they are doing for So. County. As a very amateur but decades long family photographer I appreciate and LOVE the playful and beautiful picture you took which Clay has as his facebook pic. A wonderful composition which also captures their spirits. Kudos!

  8. Your blog and your pictures are awesome! I’m an amateur who loves photography and enjoy watching the best photos from the true professionals!

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