We Are The People/ Little Girl Portrait

Please share this photo and help me spread this story around. I beleive it needs to be told to as many people as possible

This is the 3rd in a series I am calling “We Are The People”. I am looking for other compelling stories if you know someone who’s story needs to be told, get in touch with me here or on messenger.

This is a real photo of a girl and her Mom.  #ShePersisted Leila is 10 years old and was adopted from Kazakhstan, a predominantly muslim country located in Central Asia which is from the former Soviet republic. She told her mom last week “The president likes you but he doesn’t like me”

Kids always look to their parents as a vision of what their lives will be like down the road. What this girls sees for herself right now because of the current political climate is disjointed, jagged and painful. I hold out hope that she will have a bright future free from prejudice about the color of her skin.


About Seth Jacobson Photography

Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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