We Are The People/Mexico sends it’s best

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Like so many other people I am angered and embarrassed about what is happening to my beautiful country by the current political administration. While I don’t have any real power to change their draconian policies, I still think that we need to do what we can. What I can do is take photos. And there are so many stories out there of good people doing good things and I want to use my abilities as a photographer to tell those stories. This is the 1st photo of the series I am calling “We are the People”

This is my proud, strong and defiant stepdaughter Emily.

She is half Mexican and all American.

Her father immigrated here at the age of 26 with the dream of creating a new life and serving as a medical doctor. Currently this is the life he lives and has saved more American lives and returned more loved ones home, against the odds, to their American families than can be counted.

Mexico sends its best.



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Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. Powerful, Seth. I wish some of the local newspapers would have the courage to publish this with your introduction! I share your frustration and serious concerns, but am encouraged to see people, like you, protest peacefully in ways we can, all over the country/world!

  2. Thank you dearest Deedra
    We all have to pitch in and help this is what I am good at…

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