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The Rhode Island Portrait Project: 401 Studio

I have another installment of my very exciting portrait project. I love my community and there are some amazing people making Rhode Island a wonderful place to live. I have decided to photograph the people who are really making “IT” happen here in my community in a (hopefully) creative and fun way that tells a story about who those people are and what they are doing for their little section of the world.
This is a portrait of Elyssa and Matt from the 401 Studio, they are a screen printing company out of Wakefield RI that puts ink on clothing. So our idea was to put ink on them! How fun! The image that you are looking at is a composite of 3 different photos combined together to give the appearance of one. We threw paint at them and as the paint splattered all over they stayed still and I took all the splashing from the different frames and combined them for this image. Dig it!


For the photo geeks out there, I used 3 speed lights: Two lights in front of them a 72″ Octa box on the right and a small 15″ umbrella on the left and a bare speed light up and behind them (notice the shadow on the ground)  This was taken on a Nikon d600 camera ISO 500 with a 50 mm lens at F8 and a shutter of 1/200th of a second



Elyssa and Matt for the RI Portrait Project

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