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Grace Magazine Cover Photo Theresa Ferryman

I am proud of this very special portrait that I created for Grace Magazine of Theresa Ferryman. I sat down with Theresa to talk with her and was immediately struck by her warmth and intelligence. I was also struck by the gravity of her job. Theresa is a Prosecutor for CT Superior Court and she particularly deals with child sex abuse cases and she is very good at what she does.  I knew that I wanted create a portrait that told a story about who is and what she does. I felt like the darkness of what she deals with everyday was in direct opposition to the lovely woman who I was getting to know. How to show both things in one portrait? What I settled on was a portrait in which she was lit in a very dark space, with the darkness being a metaphor for her work. I wanted the darkness to be all around her but to have her still feel friendly and thoughtful, but in charge, direct and unflinching.

What are your thoughts?

Grace Magazine Cover by Seth Jacobson Photography

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