Mystic Seaport photos for Grace Magazine

I am very proud to have photographed the cover of Grace magazine this month! Super cool! The cover photo is of Rhoda Hopkins Root volunteer coordinator at Mystic Seaport. Rhoda is a very dynamic and charming woman and I feel like we really nailed a wonderful portrait! Here is the cover


Rhoda Hopkins Root on the cover of Grace Magazine photo by Seth Jacobson

I also went back to the Seaport another day to photograph this magical place at dusk. They were extremely flexible with me and my ridiculous request to climb the mast of their biggest ship and photograph from the crow’s nest! This photo also is in the magazine. What a fun job I have to get to do stuff like this!

Mystic Seaport


About Seth Jacobson Photography

Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. congratulations on your cover…perhaps soon, the cover of Time or Newsweek..or
    Playboy..who knows?

  2. Love the photos Seth, and that you climbed a mast to capture the viewpoint you wanted. Rhoda looks like an interesting person.

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