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Portrait photography behind the curtain

Portrait Photography Providence RI

This beautiful portrait was created outside using three lights I am going to explain here how it was created. from a white balance point of view and how the photo turned so blue in the back ground 1st the lights: 1 soft box above the model slightly off camera right shining directly on her and 2 lights down below her on the right and left shining up at her.

See below

backlights set up photo

In the photo above you can see the 2 lights shining on Kelly from below. Right about now is a good time to talk about white balance a little. When a photo is taken the camera has to decide what colors to assign to all of the different values it is looking at, because to a camera it doesn’t care if it is looking at a mountain or a person it simply decides this color is red and this color is blue ect.. but you want to get the colors correctly identified, so for instance when you are looking at this red like this


you don’t end up with Red like this

not red...

The camera does this by assigning value judgements on what pure white is as you can see in the set up shot above the 2 lights below Kelly are showing up as white light. BUT BELOW those same lights are showing up as blue? Cool ha? But why is this happening? Because we added an orange filter onto the main light soft box and orange is at the opposite end of the spectrum to blue so in order to make the light shining on Kelly white it automatically makes all the other light in the photo turn blue! Like magic!!!

lighting set up shot

Portrait Photography Providence RI

I photographed a portrait tonight in Providence RI. This was an interesting photo shoot because I was working with the very talented photographer Brad Smith, and the talented and beautiful photographer Kelly Meyer as a model. Brad and I worked together with Kelly in front of the camera for a change. She’s a pretty good model ha?

Portrait photography Providence RI

This photo was taken right at dusk on a beautifully cloudy day. We put an orange warming filter on the main light which was a soft box (which was set about 6 feet away from Kelly,and I shot with a white balance for tungsten light to match that warming filter which made the background go super blue. Cool effect ha? As you can see there were also 2 speed lights set up about 12 feet away from her on the right and left. I shot with an ISO of 400 on my 85 mm F5 Shutter 1/20th which was slow enough to catch a little movement from her leaving that wonderful dark edge on her left hand side making the image even more dramatic! She looks like Super Woman! I made some minor adjustments in Photoshop but this is pretty close to right out of the camera.

As always click on the photo to see it at the right size!

lighting set up shot

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