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Rhode Island Portrait Project DMP Painting

Mike Moffitt of DMP painting, feeling a little blue

have another installment of my very exciting portrait project. I love my community and there are some amazing people making Rhode Island a wonderful place to live. I have decided to photograph the people who are really making “IT” happen here in my community in a (hopefully) creative and fun way that tells a story about who those people are and what they are doing for their respective businesses.

I photographed Mike Moffitt of DMP Painting recently for my Rhode Island Portrait Project. DMP does excellent work and has really made a big and positive impact on our community here in RI with not only their excellent work painting commercial and residential projects but also with their Home Make Over Project which has dramatically changed the lives of some wonderful people in South County RI. Because of this great work that has made such a big impact I wanted to make an image that had a BIG impact as well. Mike was a total sport to get completely covered in Blue paint and even painted the color of the wall in his home for this portrait! The pretty young lady is his daughter who I think really sets off the photo in a wonderful way!

For those of your who are interested here are some set up shots

Mike and getting "prepared"

a lighting test shot before we painted his face

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