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Bat Mitzvah Photos Narragansett RI

I photographed the Bat Mitzvah of ┬áLeah Franklin-Silva recently and it was a Super fun event! If you have never attended one there is a lot of tradition and history to live up to for a young person. Most of 3 hour ceremony is spoken and read in Hebrew. Leah did a wonderful job with it though and moved though the day with grace and confidence! Way to go! We were able to get a few photos with Leah and her family outside at the North Beach Club in Narragansett before the rain came. And when it came it REALLY came down… But at one point in the evening the kids and I snuck outside into the pouring rain for a photo!!! How fun!!!

Coastal Gourmet provided the wonderful food and as always did a GREAT job! Here is their website




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