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Bar Mitzvah Photos from Temple Emanuel in Providence RI

I have had the pleasure of working a Temple Emanuel in Providence RI quite a few times and it is always a wonderful experience. Jeremiah’s Bar Mitzvah was no exception! In fact it was one of the fun-est and rocking-est events I have ever been at! Jeremiah is a very talented young man who actually performed for the crowd that night! Plus we had some really top-notch professionals working to make the event work in the best way possible.

Starting with Bonnie Gold from Gold Event Planning She always does a fantastic job and this Bar Mitzvah was amazing because of all the hard work she did!

The DJ and entertainment was from Siagel Productions it is no exaggeration to say that I have never seen a DJ work harder and get people dancing and moving than these folks! WOW!

And last but certainly not least Colleen Randall from “The C Bar” She managed to serve tons of 13-year-old kids about 30,000 Shirley Temples and still keep a smile on her face the whole night…

Thanks all!

Portrait Photography at Beavertail in Jamestown RI

I am SUPER proud of this one! We got the whole enchilada  right on this one. Great weather, great location, and a wonderful couple that relaxed into being photographed and we got a superb portrait! We showed up at Beaver Tail in Jamestown RI and it was a little breezy and cloudy which was perfect! I set the exposure to underexpose the background a little, and set up an umbrella which my lovely assistant Lucia held in place because of the breeze (see set up shot) Lit with a speedlight and using  my Pocket wizards to trigger the light, I waited for the light house to spin around and shine the light in our direction and Click we got it!

Jennifer and Andre portrait at Beaver Tail in Jamestown RI



Set up for the portrait with my lovely assistant Lucia!

Rhode Island Portrait Project DMP Painting

Mike Moffitt of DMP painting, feeling a little blue

have another installment of my very exciting portrait project. I love my community and there are some amazing people making Rhode Island a wonderful place to live. I have decided to photograph the people who are really making “IT” happen here in my community in a (hopefully) creative and fun way that tells a story about who those people are and what they are doing for their respective businesses.

I photographed Mike Moffitt of DMP Painting recently for my Rhode Island Portrait Project. DMP does excellent work and has really made a big and positive impact on our community here in RI with not only their excellent work painting commercial and residential projects but also with their Home Make Over Project which has dramatically changed the lives of some wonderful people in South County RI. Because of this great work that has made such a big impact I wanted to make an image that had a BIG impact as well. Mike was a total sport to get completely covered in Blue paint and even painted the color of the wall in his home for this portrait! The pretty young lady is his daughter who I think really sets off the photo in a wonderful way!

For those of your who are interested here are some set up shots

Mike and getting "prepared"

a lighting test shot before we painted his face

Bat Mitzvah Photos Narragansett RI

I photographed the Bat Mitzvah of  Leah Franklin-Silva recently and it was a Super fun event! If you have never attended one there is a lot of tradition and history to live up to for a young person. Most of 3 hour ceremony is spoken and read in Hebrew. Leah did a wonderful job with it though and moved though the day with grace and confidence! Way to go! We were able to get a few photos with Leah and her family outside at the North Beach Club in Narragansett before the rain came. And when it came it REALLY came down… But at one point in the evening the kids and I snuck outside into the pouring rain for a photo!!! How fun!!!

Coastal Gourmet provided the wonderful food and as always did a GREAT job! Here is their website




Bar Mitzvah Portrait at Temple Emanuel in Providence RI

Jeremiah at Temple Emanuel

Jeremiah is a confident and talented young man I wanted to capture that in his portrait. I think we got it! This was taken out side with an ISO of 160 on my 70-200 lens zoomed to 116mm F7.1 with and a shutter speed of 1/250th which is the maximum shutter for syncing with off camera flash. I used an off camera flash held up and camera right see photo by Josh his younger brother. Straight flash no modifiers to make it a little more dramatic.

Portrait set up shot

Wedding Photos at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol RI

Mikhaela and Tony Got married at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol Rhode Island yesterday and WHAT A DAY IT WAS!!! Wow it was a roller coaster of weather! First it was SUPER HOT and sweaty then the Clouds came up and a nice light breeze swept over the wedding and then that built into incredible winds and lightning and rain! We had to evacuate the tent right in the middle of Mikhaela and Tony’s first dance! Everyone left the tent and filed into the Mansion for about 45 min until we got the ok to go back out side. Mikhaela and Tony were AWESOME!!! We actually had fun with it!!! After we got back into the tent and the Black Tie band kick it in then the dancing began and we had a blast!!! Thanks to all involved for a wonderful night and mostly congrats to the lovely bride and groom!

The dedicated staff at Blithewold Mansion did a great job with it all   and worked perfectly with

the Fabulous staff at Russell Morin Fine Catering

The band was my favorite Nancy Paolino and the Black Tie Band

Flowers were by the Mother of the Bride and the lovely Polly from Robin Hollow Farm

Easter Seals of Rhode Island walk at Roger Williams Park

I had the honor of photographing the Easter Seals of RI walk this year at Roger Williams Park in Providence. Here are just a few of the many images created that day. It was SUPER FUN!!! I hope they raised a TON of money because the work they do is so important! Here is a link to the Easter Seals Website Go check them out any while I have your attention, go DONATE !!!

Beautiful Wedding Photography taken at the Ledgemont Country Club


I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Kim and Dan this past weekend at the Ledgemont CC 

They really run a tight ship there which makes everyone’s life so much better on a wedding day. Thank you to Nathan for doing such a great job making everything flow well.

Luke T. Renchen of Luke’s DJ  provided the music and did a great job getting everyone in the mood to dance! Thanks for making everyone happy!



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