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Horse Shoe Falls beautiful landscape photography Rhode Island

This is the beautiful horse shoe falls in Shannock RI. I took this at about 9:45 at night far after sunset with a 30 second exposure. The camera can soak up light in a way that our eyes can’t so the image is something that we could never see live with our own eyes. I love this! It refers to what I call the BIG LIE in photos. ¬†Photos don’t tell the truth even though we think they do. This is a perfect example of this. If you look on the bottom left of the image you can see some orange light striping across the rock and the water this is a lamp from a home about 50 yards away streaming through the trees. COOL ha? The technical info is ISO 100 shutter 30 seconds/ Aperature 2.8 on a 20 mm lens And this was shot on a tripod

The Horse Shoe Falls at Shannock RI

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