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Portrait photography May 2011

Nancy May 2011

Here is a recent portrait that I created. Nancy was a natural in front of the camera and did a great job posing. Here are the technical details. I recently got some new toys and was trying them out for the first time. A new soft box to fit with my speed lights, and a spot grid both used in this photo. The soft box is coming off from our left and has a very thin strip of light coming in only about 2 inches wide. that means there is a baffles on the front of the soft box only letting a small strip of light come through, and in the main light is about 15 feet away from her on our left with the spot grid on it to focus the light directly at her. Also of note is that the main light is also shining through the frosted glass on the door you can see below putting that wonderful gradient behind her.

ISO 100 1/80th sec shutter and 2.8 aperature

set up shot for portrait above

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