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Horse Shoe Falls beautiful landscape photography Rhode Island

This is the beautiful horse shoe falls in Shannock RI. I took this at about 9:45 at night far after sunset with a 30 second exposure. The camera can soak up light in a way that our eyes can’t so the image is something that we could never see live with our own eyes. I love this! It refers to what I call the BIG LIE in photos.  Photos don’t tell the truth even though we think they do. This is a perfect example of this. If you look on the bottom left of the image you can see some orange light striping across the rock and the water this is a lamp from a home about 50 yards away streaming through the trees. COOL ha? The technical info is ISO 100 shutter 30 seconds/ Aperature 2.8 on a 20 mm lens And this was shot on a tripod

The Horse Shoe Falls at Shannock RI

Rhode Island Portrait Project – Liz Boardman

I have another installment of my very exciting portrait project. I love my community and there are some amazing people making Rhode Island a wonderful place to live. I have decided to photograph the people who are really making “IT” happen here in my community in a (hopefully) creative and fun way that tells a story about who those people are and what they are doing to make Rhode Island such a fantastic place to live!

I was very honored to have been approached by the talented and beautiful Liz Boardman from the South County Independent  She asked to write a story about my Rhode Island Portrait Project, WOW!!! YES!!!

Liz is a reporter and a writer with a theater background. I have seen a couple of short plays that she has written for the Contemporary Theater Company here in South County RI. When sitting down to figure out the concept we decided on a film noir look with her dressed up like a 40’s style reporter.  I felt like with her job as it is now and with her history in theater this was a great concept to tell the story of who she is. I LOVE this portrait and feel like we nailed it! If you want to read the entire story follow the link above!

I would like to thank Lynda Williams from Formal Hair Design 

And Jennifer Hodge from Spectrum Make up Artistry

For their respective and excellent work creating the right “look” for the portrait.

Liz Boardman as a 40's reporter

Rhode Island Portrait Project (behind the scenes)

This is the nuts and bolts behind the scenes of Calvin Campany’s “James Bond” portrait

Calvin as "James Bond" final shot

The final shot was taken at ISO 200 Shutter 1/200th F/6.3  on an 85mm lens Using 3 lights to see the what the main light was doing which was bounced off an umbrella about 3 feet away from Calvin see here

one light only test shot

As you can see above the main light left quite a bit of darkness on the left side of the photo, so I used a ring flash set to almost its lowest power to fill in the shadows a little but leave some darkness so it would still feel dramatic. Shadows and darkness bring drama to a photo and I wanted this to feel kind of intense. I wanted another light set up behind him to just act as a rim light around the edge of his body camera left and while I was setting up the lights and doing test shots Calvin took a call. I accidentally got the actual light in the shot but ended up LOVING the effect so actually just pulled in the light intentionally into the composition. This little “mistake” ended up making the photo as far as I am concerned!

Set up shot 2

And here is a rough diagram of my lights to show you how it was all set up. I apologize for the terrible drawing…

Lighting diagram for "Bond" portrait

I did some photoshoping in post production as well but if you are interested in that email me…

Portrait photography May 2011

Nancy May 2011

Here is a recent portrait that I created. Nancy was a natural in front of the camera and did a great job posing. Here are the technical details. I recently got some new toys and was trying them out for the first time. A new soft box to fit with my speed lights, and a spot grid both used in this photo. The soft box is coming off from our left and has a very thin strip of light coming in only about 2 inches wide. that means there is a baffles on the front of the soft box only letting a small strip of light come through, and in the main light is about 15 feet away from her on our left with the spot grid on it to focus the light directly at her. Also of note is that the main light is also shining through the frosted glass on the door you can see below putting that wonderful gradient behind her.

ISO 100 1/80th sec shutter and 2.8 aperature

set up shot for portrait above

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