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Joe Frisella Portrait Photography

My friend Joe Frisella died this week. Just by chance Joe had asked me to photograph him for a business head shot recently and I ended up photographing him the day before he died. The limited knowledge that I have about his death is that he died very quickly from a brain hemorrhage. This was a BIG surprise to me and many others in our community. Joe was a VIBRANT part of Rhode Island. When I would see Joe and say Hi. He would say “It  IS  nice to see me isn’t it!” and then give me a smile and a wink. I loved his playful and bold way, and I will miss him.  I am reminded of the finite nature of life and of the fact that we need to express our love to those around us. Death is always hard to cope with. I haven’t come up with a good strategy on that one but I will say that when I reach out to the world and talk about how I am feeling, (which at this moment is sad) then I feel a little better… So anyway… Good bye Joe, I will miss you, and thank you for brightening the days that I was able to spend with you. Here is the portrait I took of Joe the day before he died.

the Fantastic Joe Frisella!

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