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Photo of Saltwater Farm Vineyard

I am pleased to tell you that one of my photos is being featured in a book about wine and Vineyards in CT.

Here is a link about the book! Go check it out and if you like wine, maybe you should buy the book too!

Beautiful Landscape photography of Rhode Island

I am pleased to tell you that you will soon be able to see some of my photographs at the CVS pharmacy in Wakefield RI, which just happens to be the busiest CVS in the entire country! Here are a couple of shots that I will have there, but not all of them, so go in and check them out!


Head shot for a lawyer in Providence RI

I do a lot of emotional and meaningful photography for my clients, but sometimes folks just want a simple, professional head shot… My friend Steve from Orson and Brusini in providence came to me and said ” I’m not sure if you do this or even want to but…” The short answer is yes! I do it all the time! For those of you who need a business lawyer Orson and Brusini are WONDERFUL! Check them out here on their website!

Family Portrait Newport RI

I had the pleasure of photographing Kelly and her Family this week in Newport Rhode Island. They are wonderful people with a teenage daughter and two young boys, one of which has autism. So we met before hand to talk about those challenges and what that would mean for our portrait session. I went over before we took any photographs and spent a couple of hours with the family and that made all the difference in the world to how those young boys reacted when I brought my camera to take photos. I think we ended up with some very nice portraits that I am proud of! For those of you that are interested, here is a link to Kelly’s blog about her life as a Mother of an autistic child

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