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Behind the curtain of a portrait session

For those of you who are interested in what goes into a portrait…

We showed up at about 5:15 pm so the sun was getting lower in the sky on this April evening. I put Brianna with the Sun ┬ábehind her and off to my left a bit. See her shadow in the 1st photo. All these shots are taken at ISO 320 this is because I wasn’t paying attention close enough and forgot to change it back from the last shoot I did where I needed a higher ISO… Lucky for me the Nikon D2x doesn’t get grainy at this setting! 1st shot was taken just to get a read on the light and check out the exposure I wanted for the background for the real techies out there it was 250th shutter and F-7 ┬áthe lens was my 70-200 VR zoom taken at 70mm the final shot was taken with the zoom set to 105 mm and I was standing up on a ladder

Then I added a light from directly to the right of the model. A beauty dish set about 10 feet away from her up about 8 feet in the air pointed down at her. Powered by a battery pack as we were out in a field…

This is the end result! I was very happy with the portrait! I love how the man made light source takes on a look of the sun and the light behind her head looks like a fake light but the opposite is actually true… There you have it a peek behind the curtain!

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