Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Mathias Oppersdorff Memorial Photo Contest

I am honored to have been asked to judge the Mathias Oppersdorff Memorial Photo Contest for the South Kingstown Land trust happening today! Click here for a link to their website. Mathias was an amazing photographer and I am humbled that I was asked to fill his very big shoes as he was the previous judge.

One of the first questions I get after people see my work is where did you go to school? I didn’t go to college, so the way that I have learned photography is by thinking obsessively about photography, taking pictures as much as I possibly could, and by learning from the other photographers around me. I met Mathias about 13 years ago. He was an established and successful photographer and was very helpful and encouraging to me. Showing me darkroom techniques and teaching me about composition and form. To have come full circle here and now to be judging this show that has been named in his honor is meaningful to me. I am grateful for the opportunity!

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