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Oceanic Adventures 3

Oceanic Adventures 2

Oceananic adventure

The Ocean was angry that day my friends, but it made for some beautiful photography… It was cold and windy, and getting dark, and a few times the waves came up and covered my legs with cold salt water, but it was worth it!!!

iPhone photography Feb. 27th

Went down the to the Ocean and took photos today, got some great shots, I’ll post in the upcoming days

iPhone photography Feb. 25th

A rainy morning here in saunderstown this is actually pre-sunrise this morning…

iPhone photography

Middlebridge just North of Narragansett beach in beautiful Rhode Island. I love my home

Fashion Photo shoot

Here are some of the photos from a Fashion Photo Shoot I did on Sunday at the Towers in Narragansett. Thank you to Kate Vivian for letting us use this wonderful building! Thank you to the models Ashley (red hair) and Brianna (brown hair) for being so playful and fun! And thanks to Brad Smith for being a great collaborator. We switched off playing assistant to each other and taking over… A successful photo session becomes a success because of a lot of different reasons. I cannot create good photos if the subject doesn’t want to be there. It IS MY JOB to make them feel comfortable, and to have my technical stuff in place (you know the boring details like lighting, shutter speed, etc…) but then if the person being photographed won’t take a few risks then the images don’t have that extra oomph… We need to work together, it is a give and take, and these ladies were really GREAT. I am very happy with the results, and am sure that you will be too…

Dig it!!!

Photo shoot with Brad Smith

I had a wonderful fashion photo shoot today with Brad Smith, he is a very talented photographer and a GREAT guy, we had alot of fun. The models were AWESOME and the photos turned out really wonderfully, I will be posting some of those images soon but for now here are two that we took of each other before the model’s showed up, just playing around.

iPhone photography feb. 21st

The crescent moon rising over my back yard caused me to pause and ponder the joy of being alive.

iPhone photography feb 20th

These two kids end up spending a lot of tine together. I love being a part of their world!

iPhone photography

God bless America and old glory too, may she always wave O’r us with the red, white, and existential blues

iPhone photography Feb. 18th

Winter fun, Winter Friends.

Boy I love Winter!!!

iPhone photography Feb. 17th

Any sunset at while stopped at any stop light in any city USA

iPhone photography Feb. 15th

The end to another beautiful day in RI

iPhone photography Valentines day

On this Valentines day I am reminded that Love has a rhythm in the same way that a day has a rhythm. I wish you a lot of love with complex but beautiful beat to dance to…

iPhone photography Feb. 11th

Three photos of my beautiful sweet child playing with the kids in our neighborhood.

iPhone photography Feb. 10th

Here comes the snow, I hope it is enough to go sledding with!

iPhone photography Feb. 9th

Watching the moon rise with Lucia

Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer I get to go to some really cool places and meet some really cool people. I LOVE this job!!!  I am passionate about photography and I would love to be a part of your upcoming wedding. I am running a special until Valentines day. For all clients that  book an appointment with me by Valentines day I will give you $300 off from your package! Just a little one week opportunity. Call soon before it is gone…

Coastal Gourmet

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing a tasting for Coastal Gourmet out of Stonington CT. About 120 people came to sample the Fabulous food that Coastal Gourmet prepared. They are a wonderful catering company that does an excellent job. It was a very classy event, and  I was very pleased to be the only photographer asked to come! Here are the photos, and a link to their website. Go check them out!!!

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