Art show!!!

I have some art being displayed at The Court House Center for the Arts the show is being called South County’s Got Talent! The opening to the show is Sat. night Jan. 23rd.

6-7pm – Cocktail Party and People’s Choice Judging of Artwork
7-9pm – Finalists for Performance and People’s Choice Judging
9-9:30pm – Awarding of Prizes for both Performance and Gallery

This is one of  3 images I am displaying in the show. The other 2 are VERY different from this and even each other. But you have to go to the show to see what I will have in it! Hope to see you there!

I would love for you to attend if you can!

About Seth Jacobson Photography

Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. Hey Seth!

    Congrats on the awards you received from the art show…I wish we could have made it. We’ll be RI this weekend so let us know if you have any other shows going on.

  2. Hey Mike, you are the best! I would love to get a cup of coffee if you guys are going to be around. Give me a holler. AND if you really want to see the show it will be up for the entire month…

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