Daily Archives: January 17, 2010

The Saunderstown Christmas tree fire

Every year the community of Saunderstown gathers together for one night to help each other get rid of their Christmas trees. That was last night. and these are the photos…

The McCormick’s family portrait

The McCormick’s have been clients of mine for a few years now. I photographed Meghan’s senior portrait (was it 4 years ago already???) and their grandmothers surprise 75th birthday party maybe 2 years ago,recently the 2 kids called me up and wanted to create a gift for their parents. So we snuck around behind everyones back and created this beautiful portrait. I just delivered it this week… When I dropped it off Kristen (the mother) teared up. I have to say that is the best payment I can get for my work. What a great experience, I LOVE this job!!!

iPhone photography Jan. 17th

Some times you are the windshield some times the fly… Found this little critter whilst sledding here in Saunderstown with my daughter and the neighborhood kids. Cool ha?

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