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iPhone photography Jan. 31st

I went out for a run today and it was REALLY cold… But while I was out and about I saw this beautiful ice flow and lucky for me I had my phone!! So dig it! I love this image!!!

iPhone photography Jan. 30th

I met this beautiful young lady at a shop in Wakefield RI yesterday. She was so pretty and ghostly looking sitting on the heater for warmth. I had to photograph her.

iPhone birthday photography!!!

Today is my birthday!!! Thanks Mom for pushing me out… I have had a great week for creativity!!! I submitted art work to 2 different contests this week and won on both accounts!!! I have also had a burst of creativity with my iPhone photography project. Today you get a bunch of photos. These are some shots from around my yard. Happy birthday to me!!!

iPhone Photography Contest!!!!

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have 2 iPhone photos going into this gallery show in Berkley California opening Sat. I had alot of support from clients, friends, and family voting for me in the iPhone photography contest that made this show, so THANK YOU!!!

Here is a link to a list of the image winners as well as the 5 that I sumitted for consideration. The photos of mine that won were the “untitled image” which is sand blowing on a beach with scattered rocks and “floor show” which a reflection of a person walking on a shiny granite floor.

There were 891 photos submitted from some very talented photographers from all over the United States, and I am honored to be featured not once but twice in this show!!!

And Tomorrow is my birthday so YEEEE HAW

iPhone photography Jan. 28th

Another sunrise in beautiful Saunderstown RI. I got up for BNI this morning and this is what I saw. I love the Ocean.

iPhone photography Jan. 27th

This is Wakefield RI at South County Commons, taken right at dusk. Those magic moments between day and night are so special…

iPhone photography Jan. 26th

Found this apple at a friends house that was starting to dry up leaving the coolest star in the middle. Kind of nice colors too.

iPhone photography Jan. 25th

Watertown USA. I love the abstract look reflections give a photo, seem to be taking alot of them recently…

iPhone photography Jan. 24th

Some days it is nice to just sit there all by yourself.

iPhone photography Jan. 23rd

My roof with a mornings frost on it.

iPhone photography Jan 22nd

There is a liitle stream by my house, that runs down to the ocean. This is what it looks like right now.

Art show!!!

I have some art being displayed at The Court House Center for the Arts the show is being called South County’s Got Talent! The opening to the show is Sat. night Jan. 23rd.

6-7pm – Cocktail Party and People’s Choice Judging of Artwork
7-9pm – Finalists for Performance and People’s Choice Judging
9-9:30pm – Awarding of Prizes for both Performance and Gallery

This is one of  3 images I am displaying in the show. The other 2 are VERY different from this and even each other. But you have to go to the show to see what I will have in it! Hope to see you there!

I would love for you to attend if you can!

iPhone photography Jan. 21st

Sunrise in Saunderstown, before BNI

iPhone photography Jan. 20th

Out on a walk today with the little lady today and took this it is a puddle reflecting the sky

iPhone photography Jan. 18th

This may be a bit ani-climactic going from a real camera to the iPhone camera but I still love this photo, taken at the Christmas tree fire here in Saunderstown

The Saunderstown Christmas tree fire

Every year the community of Saunderstown gathers together for one night to help each other get rid of their Christmas trees. That was last night. and these are the photos…

The McCormick’s family portrait

The McCormick’s have been clients of mine for a few years now. I photographed Meghan’s senior portrait (was it 4 years ago already???) and their grandmothers surprise 75th birthday party maybe 2 years ago,recently the 2 kids called me up and wanted to create a gift for their parents. So we snuck around behind everyones back and created this beautiful portrait. I just delivered it this week… When I dropped it off Kristen (the mother) teared up. I have to say that is the best payment I can get for my work. What a great experience, I LOVE this job!!!

iPhone photography Jan. 17th

Some times you are the windshield some times the fly… Found this little critter whilst sledding here in Saunderstown with my daughter and the neighborhood kids. Cool ha?

iPhone phone photography Jan. 16th

Out for a walk in Saunderstown, on a beautiful sunny winter day.

iPhone photography Jan. 15th

Having taken a few days off from the iPhone photography project I feel rested and ready for action. I love this photo and hope you do too! I love the lines and the impied motion…

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