iPhone photo of the day 2 Dec. 13th

The Thanks Giving give away project that I am involved with is coming to a close. (see Thanks Giving Day post) Almost all the work done on their house is finished, and we all went back to their place today to reintroduce them to their own very changed home. It was EXCITING! I will be photographing their family portrait this week, so I can’t wait to post the finished portrait before Christmas! ANY WAY this is the grandaughter of the Family looking through the front glass door at me today.

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Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. Hi Seth,
    You’re really great with kids, Ayla loved you, as everyone can see in this pic (smile)! Thank you for making my family feel so comfortable and warm during this whole process. Now I know why everyone was raving about you and your work- you put your heart and soul into it and it shows! I got a lot of people who came up to me/us at the hotel and elsewhere who had been following our story whom had a lot of sweet thoughts like, “It’s like winning the lottery”, “Boy, are you so lucky,” and “I guess, Miracles DO HAPPEN!”, and all of those thoughts can be said to be true, but the best part of this whole thing, to me, even above the house and yard being made gorgeous and the beautiful gifts that were given, was to see, meet, and have the blessed honor to know so many beautiful, loving and caring people (you included of course-smile) come together to do such a thing! What a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas this has been! Thank You!
    With much Love and Many Sweet Blessings,
    Laurie Wilkinson

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