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iPhone photo O’ the day (last one of the year)

A sweet and soft snow fell on Saunderstown today laying 2009 to rest in the most beautiful way. Such a year as it was is gone now food for worms, and I look forward with enthusiasm and hope! Welcome to the new day!

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 30th

These photos were taken on a very cold very windy day at Narragansett beach here in RI. The wind was blowing the dry sand across the wet sand to create the look you see here. I think they are beautiful!

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 29th

Whilst helping a friend move today I looked up in the sky and saw this beautiful sight. Glad that I can share it with you!

iPhone photo of the day Dec 28th

This is sunset at Casey Farm which is the oldest running farm in the US. I drive past this place everyday it is a pleasure to see here it is for you to enjoy too!

Thanks Giving give away Portrait

For those of you who have been following this blog you might remember Ray Wilkenson and his family from the Thanks Giving give away

Well their house if finished and their lives are settled back, and we did their portrait today! It lookes GREAT! I am very excited about this! It feels so good to give doesn’t it? I think the Dali Lama said that even selfish people would give if they just knew what they would get out of it… Well here they are!

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 27th

Kids and fluffy animals what is better than that? I wish you could have seen this bunny it was so soft! And it’s ears were so BIG. What a cutie ha?

Christmas photos of Seth and Lucia Serene

Happy Christmas from Seth and Lucia Serene!

iPhone photo of the day Christmas

Lucia with her brand new Christmas hat on…

iPhone photo of the day 2 Dec. 23rd

Snow time fun! I made a snow cave for the kids then crawled inside it to take this photo! Also included in this post is the igloo itself.

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 23rd

Remnants of a Christmas time snowy romp

Jessica and Whit December 19th 2009

Jessica and Whit are a wonderful Couple. When meeting with them to talk about the wedding, I ¬†got the feeling like this is a real love story here, these people REALLY love each other! This is a second marriage for both of them and both came into it with 2 kids shown in the photos. I love it when we can make something like this work! Can’t you just see it in the photos? There is so much joy in these images! I am very happy and proud of the work I did here! Congratulations to the joining of these two wonderful people!

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 22nd

Hello snow storm…

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 21st

Nanook of the North. Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow…

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 20th

One of the best snow days EVER!!! Sledding at sunset with tons of kids, what a joy.

iPhone photo of the day Dec 18th

I like the nice lines in this photo.

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 17th

Does dressing your pets up like humans constitute abuse? I actually just think it is SUPER cute! This is from a clients home today funny ha?

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 16th

This is one of my favorites yet! I am absolutely loving this project! Taken this morning at Sun rise as a plane was flying over head.

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 16th

This is a huge door maybe 20 feet high and if you look into the window you can see a ladder inside. Makes me wonder what they were doing. But I am kind of nosy…

iPhone photo of the day Dec. 15th

Newport RI at low tide. When the tide recedes the ocean always reveals some treasure like the road cone in the water you can see here…

iPhone photo of the day 2 Dec. 14th

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I just love to watch them roll… Another one from Robin Hollow Farm!

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