Iphone photo of the day 2 Fri 13th

The scariest thing around on this Friday the 13th is this rotten pumpkin… Do not touch it 🙂

About Seth Jacobson Photography

Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. Wow – I’m consistently in awe of what you manage to capture with your iphone. The colors are and focus are always so compelling..it’s like you have some kind of mutant iphone.

  2. You always manage to find amazing little vignettes of life, full of something other than just a physical representation of what is there. the colors are just spectacular. The selective focus adds to a timeless feel. I love your work Seth.

    I thought about trying this, and maybe I just will. I will not do as well as you though, I am sure.

  3. Sarah Leu Anderson

    as gross as that pumpkin is, you’ve successfully made it look delicious. and now i want pumpkin pie.

  4. BWA HA HA …. a couple of years ago I left a pumpkin on my porch too long. I didn’t know the grossness of touching it even with gloves on…it almost made me throw up….since then I make sure I throw them away before this happens. 🙂

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