Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

Iphone photo of the day 2 Nov. 12th

If you look close you can see that the trees are covered with TONS of birds! They were so loud! And the image is so dreamy! Dig it


Iphone photo of the day Nov. 12th

I was driving to meet with a client (thanks Toni!) when I saw these horses. They looked so wonderful in that field I stopped the car and jumped out. This is the result…

11-11 and Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is one of the absolute talents of music today. I have had the very good fortune to be acquainted with him for a number of years now and while he was in town last month I was granted access to the show with my photography equipment, and I took some photos that I am very happy with.Here are a few of them today 11-11 because he has a wonderful song titled 11:11 from his album “The Swimming Hour” Go check it out if you don’t already own it. And enjoy the photos too  🙂


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