Iphone photo of the day Nov. 10

I love this photo because it is so abstract and ordinary. Sometimes the mundane and accidental have a beauty. We just have to look for it…

About Seth Jacobson Photography

Living in Rhode Island and a bit obsessive about photography!!!

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  1. This is exactly why I love the iPhone Photo-A-Day project! You remind us that there is beauty or humor or intrigue in everyday sites and moments. We don’t need high tech equipment to capture it, we don’t even need an iPhone, only our eyes and our attention. I’m pretty sure that this is the key to living a good life. Thank you!

  2. ….look for it and have a spot on sense of composition. 🙂

  3. Mundane and accidental have a beauty… I love how you see things! Seems to me it’s called being present with what is.

  4. Sarah Leu Anderson

    To me, an artist is someone who sees extraordinary in the ordinary. This photo is a perfect example of that.

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