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iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 30th

Providence RI at night, I love this town! It is so beautiful here! I had to jump out of the car I was riding in at a stop light when I saw this shot…

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 30th

The Moon in all it’s splendor rising up over beautiful RI. So glad that I am doing this iPhone project! It allows me to see wonderful things like this…

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov 29th

Taken in fabulous Pawtuxet Village RI the birth place of American independance. Sunset


iPhone photo of the day Nov. 29th

My ridiculous friend Whit set this up on his porch and I have no idea why… But it is pretty funny no?

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 28th

This lovely green color is not enhanced, it is some kind of algae growing on an old fire tower here in beautiful RI

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 28th

Who doesn’t love a wide angle mirror?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 27th

This photo has a bittersweet feeling to me…

Thanks Giving give away

I am so thankful today on this Thanks Giving 2009, I am part of something wonderful. Ray Wilkinson of Peace Dale RI and his family are going to recieve this huge give away from so many wonderful companies. I think around 30 companies donated their goods and services. Dennis Moffit Painting organized it all. Ray will be getting a new paint job on his house, I am donating a family portrait made on Canvas for the new wall!, carpentry work from Picus woodrights, a newly landscaped front yard and new driveway from New Leaf landscapes, 150 gallons of heating oil from Smith Co. oil, and Carole Marshal is donating some interior decorating for them. This is only some of what is going to happen. So many businesses donated to this amazing experience, I am so thankful and happy to be a part of it!


I am grateful this year for all the wonderful support that SO many people have given me. I am sure that I am a better person because of all the wonderful clients, friends, and family that I have had the great honor to have contact with this year.




iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 25th

A real fun guy that I ran into today…

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 25th

A little make up going on before the show. This little lady did a wonderful performance as an Egyptian king, this was the prep before hand.

Portrait session of Bill and Mary

Bill and Mary are a wonderful couple that live on Cape Cod. We dis these photos in Sandwich near their home. One of the best things about working with them is the awesome cooking that Mary does, I am sure that I have gained weight because of all the meals she has cooked for me while we have been working together …

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 24th

Can anybody guess what this is?

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 24th

Feeling peckish anyone? Here is a a little snack fer ya. Also taken at the wonderful Belmont Market. Which edit do you prefer?



iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 23rd

So I took these two photos in Belmont Market place in Wakefield RI (a very good market by the way) and while I was taking the them the guy behind the counter came up and told me that I couldn’t take photos of the Lobsters…?!!! ? Crazy ha? I obviously didn’t listen to him. I have been taking photos for a long time and have had a few people over the years give me a hard time about photos and it always surprises me. I had a police officer pull me over and question me about photographing the Newport Bridge once … Anyway… Which one do you like more?

iPhoto of the day Nov. 23rd

In walked Bud.

iPhone photo of the day 2 Nov. 22nd

I am continuing to be impressed by the capabilities of this little camera. This is complete night and it still picks up a good image…

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 22nd

The haunted house on the hill that all the kids in the neighborhood are scared of…

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 21st

Providence RI bathing in the afternoon Sun. This was one of the last Indian summer days of the year, truly a gift

iPhone photo of the day Nov. 21st

The crescent moon over North Kingstown RI. I had to pull over to take this photo while driving last night at twilight. So pretty

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